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The Gel Nail Systems Explained Step By Step

Not all of you know the process of gel nail extension system. Mostly beauty clinic has defined several courses in this regard which gives you gel nail training. These courses are available online for you. And you can get to know everything that you want to know about the gel nail extension. Norfolk Beauty School is always providing several courses to boost your knowledge.

Here we will describe a step by step process to add gel extension on your original nails and you will get qualified in gel polish nails.

  • First of all, wash your nail and prepare it by acetone to remove any nail paint, glue or and other accessories.
  • Then put back your cuticle on your nail again.
  • Then buff the nails to remove any moisture and shine on your nail.
  • If the nails are long then cut it. And remove corners to get the full grip of artificial nails.
  • Now choose an appropriate shape of a tip and it is a more important step. Because it will look ugly if you placed it wrongly.
  • Therefore, choose the perfect shape of a nail tip that is exactly matched with the curve of your original nail bed.
  • If you feel the nail tip is a little wider than the original nail shape then you can file it. “An electric nail file can be helpful here”
  • When you pick a proper nail tip then apply glue and placed it on your original nail.
  • Rest it for a minute and then cut the too long tip and resize it according to your requirement.
  • Then fall it down to make a perfect match with your nail bed.
  • Then buff the nail and clean your nail.
  • Now you can apply any cuticle or do any nail art on your new and long nail.

The official Norwich City website is available to assist you with the gel nail extensions. Beautiful hands are always considered as the main part of your grooming personality. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of hands women are using accessories to maintained nails. Because a beautiful size and shape of your nail can enhance the beauty of your hands very amazingly.

In the old arena in Egypt, the nails were considered as the symbol of beauty and wealth. But now beautiful nail shapes are considered as a beauty symbol.

However, not all of you are blessed with shiny, long, and strong nails. Everyone has a distinct shape of their nails. Some have small and rough nails. While some of them have long and strong nails. Therefore, several extensions are used to add some required shapes and tips of the nails. Most probably, nail extensions are used to enhance the length of your nails. Then this may be covered with gel, acrylic, and fiberglass.

In this way, an artificial gel nail is get attached with your original nail to lengthen the tip of your nail.


Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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