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Soft drink packaging market growing rapidly by 2020-2027

Soft Drinks-Overview

Soft-Drink is commonly a beverage available in several added flavors, carbonated air, and alcoholic as well. Its main purpose is to provide calories, hydration, vitamins, nutrients, and many other ingredients. Soft drinks include functional drinks, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, flavored water, and many others. It is ready to consume the product. Hence its packaging has a vital role for its customers. It should provide some important information about the soft drink. Such as company name, ingredients, manufacturing process, expiry dates, and many more. This information is important as it is consumed by people of all age groups. Therefore, the soft drink packaging market is increasing day by day rapidly. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of – 3.95% during 2020-2027.

Soft Drinks Packaging Market-A small review

There is a huge number of factories that are manufacturing soft drinks packaging. Soft drinks have a very huge demand worldwide due to which its packaging industry is increasing continuously. As everyone is concerned about his health so they prefer non-alcoholic drinks over alcohol or hard drinks, therefore soft drink became a must-have beverage in any occasion whether it a birthday party or any other event. This is also a huge reason for the rapid growth of soft drinks packaging market. Soft drinks are used in a vast quantity in many states like Argentina because of its cooling effect and Argentina has a warm climate.

Types of Soft Drinks

There is a vast number of soft drinks that we consume. Some are:

  • Fresh Juices
  • Energy Drinks
  • Sport Drinks
  • Functional Drinks
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks

Basis of materials of soft drinks

Soft Drink Packaging Market is based on

  • Packaging type
  • Size and shape
  • Material
  • Region

Material types-Soft Drinks Packaging

The materials have split up in

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Paperboard
  • Plastic metal

Beverage packaging-Forms

  • Pouch
  • Bottle
  • Can
  • Carton
  • Draught and bulk packaging


Plastic- Highest Market Value Packaging Material

The plastic material has the highest market value for the packaging of soft drinks. As; plastic I biodegradable and eco-friendly material. The plastic is light-weighted and easy to handle. Its production cost is lower than other materials like glass or metals etc. PE, PVC, PS, PP, PET, and nylon are the types of plastics. These are used for manufacturing of the soft-drinks packaging.

According to the research of 2017 by the British Soft Drinks Association, among all of the soft drinks consumed,  59% were packaged with plastic material. On the other hand; three million tones of plastic were used for the preparation of 456-Coca-cola.

Other materials used for Packaging

Soft drinks are also available in glass bottles and metal cans as well. Glass bottle packaging has a very low demand. As; it is not handy and more costly than plastic and metal. The sellers have to spend more on their transportation. Moreover; they can easily be broken by falling or when not handled properly.

However; metal cans have been used widely due to their lightweight and it is recyclable too.

The capacity range-Soft Drinks packaging market

The beverages packaging market has a variety of capacity ranges for their customer as per their need including:

  • 100ml
  • 250 mil
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml
  • 2000ml
  • Above 2000ml

Dynamics of Soft Drinks Packaging

The market of CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) has changed a lot during recent years. The customers are becoming more health-conscious day by day as the literacy rate is increasing. Hence, they spend money on products that are fresh, chemical-free, healthier, and safer. Consumers want different taste in every product. That is why; the companies are introducing new flavors in soft drinks as well. So that people try a new flavor and their chances of increasing the sells are becoming more and more. In Addition; this is creating more opportunities for the soft drinks packaging market. As; people want ready-to-use products nowadays more than homemade and others.

Soft Drink Manufacturers in Hungary have decided to cut the sugar and calorie by 50 percent in the beverages. As much as; they can for their health-conscious customers. So; they can easily avail their products without compromising on health. They also plan to change the packaging and introducing new innovative and interesting packaging ideas for their customers.

Factors of Research Report and key industries of soft drinks

The main factors include in the Research Report of Soft Drinks Packaging Industry is Manufacturers, Market Size, Forecast, Growth and some other factors are included as well till 2027

A vast number of the Soft Drinks Packaging companies are present in different regions including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and many other states.

Due to the Research Report, The main industries of the soft drinks packaging are

  • Amcor Ltd. (Australia)
  • Ardagh Group Inc, (Luxembourg)
  • Allied Glass Containers (U.K)
  • Crown Holdings, Inc. (U.S)
  • Ball Corporation (U.S.)
  • Mondi Group (South Africa)
  • Aptar Group Inc. (U.S.)
  • Graham Packaging Company (U.S)
  • Owens Illinois, Inc, (U.S.)
  • Tetra Pak International S.A (Switzerland)
  • Bemis Company Inc, (U.S.)
  • CAN-PACK S.A. (Poland)
  • CCL Industries (Toronto)
  • CKS Packaging Inc. (U.S.)

This report is based on detailed analysis of quantitative and qualitative features, technological advancements and other factors of the industries by the experts.

Stock Details of Amcor Plc (AMCR)

The details of Amcor Plc stock and Breakthru Beverage stock price are

Amcor Plc Stock report:

 Price.                                 Daily Change                           %Change

$11.29.                                  $0.27.                                        2.4

 Breakthru Beverage Stock report:

 USD.                                     FY,2015                          Y,2018 E

Revenue                               6.0b                                  5.0b

 Regional Analysis of Soft Drinks packaging

  • The Middle East and Africa (Southern Africa, North Africa and GCC)
  • North America (U.S. and Canada)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia and Poland)
  • Asia Pacific (Japan, India, Australia, China, New Zealand and ASEAN)
  • Latin America (Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico)
  • Western Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Nordic countries)

This report has been prepared through different researches that include surveys, trade journals, interviews, observations and some industrial databases.


  • Beverages market is growing rapidly because of the high-demand of alcohol-free drinks in the market
  • Plastics are the most used material for the manufacturing of soft-drink packaging
  • Beverage making companies introduce new flavour continuously which gives a chance for packaging industries to grow more
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