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3 Social Media Tips for Local Small Businesses During COVID-19

Local small businesses owner have been attacked hard by COVID-19. From business closures, employee layoffs, and increased pressure to stay connected to customers in a meaningful way using social method platforms. The road has not been smooth, bumpy to be exact. So; many small businesses have lost their channels of communication with their customer, except for social media.

For those local small business owners who are not social media savvy, the COVID-19 attack has created a long difficult learning curve. Many local businesses have abandoned their social media strategies. They have become confused as to best practices for leveraging social media during these difficult times.

Reopening Business and Communication: 

As local small businesses reopen, there will be a shift in communication. Local small businesses that were forced to close will have to share updated information with their customers about reopening. These local businesses that are not reopening will have to stay connected with their customers. So; both opened and closed businesses, will have to consider doing the following three things when considering new social media strategies.

Promote Trust Building:

Firstly; trust-building is especially important for local businesses unable to operate fully at this moment. This absence is an opportunity to highlight the brand, mission, goals, values, and culture. It reminding customers why they choose to support your business in the first place. So; promoting Trust Building generates loyalty, increasing demand, and brand satisfaction. However; social media engagements will help you communicate big ideas and updates with your customers. Providing constantly updated information gives a professional image and builds trust in your brand.

Promote Community Support:

Secondly; it is especially true while experiencing COVID-19, customers appreciate brands that give back to the community. Just knowing that your purchase of goods or services is going to first responders or to local community-based organizations. It will make customers feel that they are doing their part, even while locked down in their homes. Giving back, or connecting your customers with others sends the message that you care. It sends a powerful message of hope and togetherness when we need it the most.

Promote Positive Vibes:

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging us in ways we could have never comprehend. From enjoying our favorite restaurants, bars, and hangouts; to extended family time, working remotely, and homeschooling – or not working at all. It is crucial that you remind your customers what is good in life. Sharing things that you appreciate, big and small, can help your customers focus in a positive direction. Remember, it will not be like this forever.

Final Thoughts

Budgets are often tight for local small business owners. Given our new COVID-19 environment, local small business owners probably do not have room to purchase expensive social media management tools. These tools can streamline your social media posting process; however, it is important that local business owners engage in organic communication by updating and staying connected to customers.

In the COVID-19 pandemic era, staying flexible with your social media posting strategy will prove extremely valuable. When engaging with your customers remember to promote team building, promote community support, and promote positive vibes. If you stick with it, your business will boost engagement and increase brand awareness, long after the pandemic is over. Take the time to engage and to build real organic connections.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.