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Should Couples Golf Together?

According to a study conducted in 2022, couples that spend time together experience happier marriages compared to those who enjoy divergent activities. Golf sets you right in the middle of beautiful landscapes and can allow you to spend quality time with the love of your life—if approached with the right attitude. Another plus is the opportunity to shop indoor golf equipment together to equip your home for playing at any time.

Here are some other benefits for couples that golf together.

Increases playing opportunities

Having your significant other play by your side, you’ll get more opportunities to spend time on the course. Furthermore, any time spent golfing is accounted for, which means no need to explain a five-hour absence from a hotel room during a vacation. After all, you’ll be out on the links together.

You’ll exercise together

Body training, posture training, and concentration are key traits a golfer should master to maintain consistency. The benefits of keeping your mind and body in shape are obvious – especially with advancing age. Luckily, golf is not an activity from which one retires early. And, as many have discovered, golfing with your partner can be more enjoyable than spending time on a treadmill in a gym going nowhere fast.

Assists conflict resolution

Couples who have been in relationships for a long time know debates can get tiresome as the years go by. Why not take them out on a golf ball rather than one another? The golden rule of relationships is to never hold on to grudges. Walking a golf course together gives you time to work through issues equitably.

On The Other Hand…

There are some drawbacks to consider as well.

Golf will bring out an individual’s true colors

By the time you get to the 18 holes of golf, your significant other, with whom you might have lived for years, might reveal a side of their personality that was heretofore buried. If your partner is prone to responding physically to frustration when things aren’t going their way, golf can and will bring that out of them vividly. You’ll need to give them some room to be who they are in such instances. Basically, be open-minded and grateful for the opportunity to get to know them for whom they are deep inside.

Disparate skill levels can feed discontent

All people were most assuredly created equally, with certain inalienable rights. However, they don’t all golf at the same skill level. An advanced player, in a relationship with a struggling intermediate, will need to be capable of exercising patience. Moreover, they’ll need to know when to offer advice and assistance and when to be quiet and let their partner figure things out at their own pace.

A round of golf can take a long, long time

This one goes back in part to the concerns a gulf between skill levels can bring. A round of golf with two advanced players will take much less time to play than a round with a novice. That time factor, coupled with unchecked frustration, can make a round feel interminable. This is something the less patient of the two of you needs to keep in mind and be prepared to handle.  Treated with grace, golfing together can be an opportunity for a true bonding experience.

In Summary

These are some of the considerations to keep in mind when wondering should couples golf together. The game allows for some memorable experiences when approached with the right mental attitude. However, it can also conjure incidents you’d like to forget if approached with the wrong mindset.

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