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Runwal MyCity Review 

My goal was to move my family to a more desirable location, preferably one that offered a broader choice of possibilities for our conveniences and comforts, from which we could pick and choose the best fit for us. After devoting a significant amount of my time and energy to researching the topic, I eventually identified the Runwal MyCity construction. In the end, I chose to move here because I was happy with its location and the conveniences it offered. 

To put it another way, I am pleased that this location has both characteristics. Apartments at the Runwal MyCity development may be purchased for a price ranging from 59.5 lacs to 87 lacs, and buyers can select a floor plan that includes either 1 or 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.

How I discovered the Runwal MyCity Project?

My father needed to be persuaded that moving to Dombivli East, Thane was a smart decision before I could make a move alone. Consequently, he spoke with all his family and friends who lived in Dombivli East, Thane, to choose a hospitable neighbourhood to establish my house. He went about until he discovered my aunt had relocated to this region. 

She told me that she was already a resident of the complex and that I should consider moving there because it provided everything I needed, including the level of security and convenience that I placed the utmost importance on. She also informed me that she was already a resident of the complex.

Runwal Mycity Price and Amenities That I Adore 

The money you have may be used to purchase a magnificent house for you situated on a stunningly gorgeous green landscape and huge open stretches of land. If this interests you, keep in mind that this is a possibility. When all of these elements are brought together, the outcome is one of the most serene settings that can be had in return for financial compensation. The price of one of these flats might range anywhere from 59.5 lacs to 87 lacs, depending on the specific unit. When I made the purchase, the asking price was 67.5 lakhs Indian Rupees.

  • These houses assure that your loved ones will be safe and sound by adhering to the highest possible fire safety standards, having security personnel on duty around the clock, and having video cameras installed.
  • You may live a more sustainable lifestyle by making use of amenities that assist in reducing your carbon footprints, such as a sewage treatment facility and a rainwater harvesting system.
  • For those cherished early morning and late evening strolls, a beautifully manicured park and a verdant, well-kept common garden are at your disposal.
  • Residences that comply with the principles of Vastu to ensure that you are constantly buoyant and bathed in light
  • A community centre, a library, a children’s play area, a gym, a shopping mall, and a swimming pool suit the requirements of your children and you in terms of socialising, exercising, learning, and having fun.

Three Compelling Reasons to Buy a Property In Runwal MyCity

1. Location Advantages 

It allows for quick and simple access to the three locations generally regarded as having the highest significance. The following are some of the benefits that may be obtained as a result of its location, listed in the order that they appear in the following list:

  • There is proximity between the bus stops in Manpada Gaon and Kole Village (9–13 minutes).
  • Diva Junction and Datiwali Junction Within nine to ten minutes, you may reach the cabin train stations.
  • The distance between Om Hospital and SRV Mamata Hospital may be between 19 and 23 minutes. 
  • Going to other prominent educational institutions like Ryan International School and Swami Vivekananda School will take ten to twenty minutes.
  • You can reach Max, Reliance Digital, D-Mart Dombivli, Big Bazaar, and other retail districts in ten to twenty-three minutes.

2. Amenities

The residential apartments have wonderful construction and are furnished with well-thought-out floor plans. They also boast excellent ventilation and a striking design inspired by elegant aesthetics. My family was very much delighted by it. The apartments are located in a neighbourhood convenient to several amenities. The apartment complex is housed in a beautifully constructed and outfitted structure with floor designs that have been given considerable consideration. 

3. Reputed Builders 

With over 40 years of experience in the real estate market, Runwal is recognized as one of the first real estate developers in the nation. It is committed to maintaining its high standards for housing complexes, commercial buildings, and other real estate projects. It is responsible for creating some of the finest projects in India.

Runwal developers are one of the most recognisable names in the real estate industry in India. Buying a home in Runwal MyCity in Dombivli East has been the best decision of my life so far! My family loves it here and I cannot wait to make this permanent home for many years to come! While searching for properties in Mumbai, the verified listings on NoBroker helped me finalise the best projects as per my budget. I would highly recommend visiting NoBroker.in before you head out to check all the projects.

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