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President Trump Criticized The Satirical Film “The Hunt” Pushing the Makers to Cancel its Release

The Hunt tends to be a satire thriller film highlighting the spoils of our society which an unnamed battle among Elite people and Working Class triggers. Anyhow, it has been canceled now.

Let’s figure why the filmmaker canceled the film release all of sudden.

Meanwhile, the makers dropped a trailer of The Hunt, spontaneously, it happened to cause much offense. People voiced against the concept the film tends to follow and present. Many people took it as a violation of society, and particularly of human rights.

Moreover, many elite people voiced against this film as it is presenting a spoiled image of high-class people.

President Donal Trump himself voiced against the film by posting a tweet. President states that Hollywood makers try to cause chaos and lit a hellfire in society among the high and low class. 

Consequently, the makers took it as a serious warning and cease the release of The Hunt the next day after President Trump’s tweet.

So, as President Donald Trump criticized it too, the makers canceled the release of the film, The Hunt. This seems to be somehow right as such concepts based on a clash among elite and poor people sparked by the injustices of elites disguised as hunts for just the sake of fun can possibly inflame the society. 

Anyhow, the maker of the film stated that the motive behind this film’s nothing else than a satire on both, elite and poor people. As if elites try to humiliate and violate their rights for the sake of fun, the poor people also let them do so just for the sake of money.

Well, whatever the conception was intended, after high criticism, The Hunt is now on the list of unreleased films.

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