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HIV/AIDS: Two HIV Drug Therapy Given Ever y Two Months Proves Successful!

GSk developed an experimental HIV therapy that proves two drugs of HIV given every two months with Janssen once a month is very effective.

Head of Research& Development at ViiV Healthcare, Kimberly Smith, said. ” AIDS becomes an epidemic more than 30 years ago since the first time. the study demonstrates that we could maintain suppression of the HIV with an injectable therapy that containing two drugs and administered every two months.”

The treatment contains two antiviral drugs that slowly release over time.
ViiV healthcare developed Cabotegravir that interferes with the viral DNA into RNA of human cells.

Meanwhile, rilpivirine is developed by Janssen; this drug blocks protein that transforms the genetic material of DNA into RNA.

This therapy has tested as a monthly regimen, while the approval of this therapy is expected in December 2019.

The third phase results revealed that the efficacy of HIV therapy given every two months is not inferior to the monthly regimen. It is measured after 48 weeks of treatment.

Smith stated that the results mean people living with HIV could maintain viral suppression with sex treatments per year. There is no need for a daily oral treatment the whole year.

Further, he said, ” the approval of this HIV two-drug therapy would be a great change in the HIV treatment paradigm.”

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