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Pre-Departure Tips – Everything You Need to Know.

Are you an anxious flyer or does travel make you stressed? If so, it is important that you plan ahead. By taking a few pre-departure steps you can curtail any anxiety that you may be having before a flight. It is very wise to plan before both long-haul and short-haul flights. By creating a pre-departure plan you will systematically prepare everything you need prior to your journey. Here is a pre-departure checklist that will come in handy regardless of the length of your flight.

Visa Requirements

Before you fly anywhere it is vital that you check the country’s immigration laws. Some countries will not let you in without a visa. It can also take a number of days to organize a visa, depending on where you are travelling. It is very important to plan ahead to know what your visa requirements are. Alongside this, check your passport is up-to-date and has more than six months to the expiration date.


Travel insurance is a must have for any air traveler, this applies to both domestic and international flights. Many banks supply travel insurance, as do private companies. Check what the insurance offers before purchasing though, as some may not have the best ratings. Medical costs abroad can be very expensive so make sure you seek out good insurance before you fly.


Before you fly abroad it is necessary to let your bank know. You do not want to get caught out and not be able to withdraw money if the bank does not recognize your location. Furthermore, make sure you are covered in case you lose your card or phone by having some cash in the local currency.

Airport Parking

Booking your airport parking before you leave can save a lot of time and hassle. Most airports have a variety of parking services, including both long-term and short-term parking. Booking your parking early with will help you find great parking services at great rates. It will also enable you to confirm any airport transfers that you may need on departure day—saving you time and keeping the journey stress-free.


Many airports have lots of security protocols, so make sure you arrive on time with plenty of it to spare. You do not want to miss your flight by wasting time at airport security. It is worth packing your liquids in a plastic bag before you leave. Similarly, make sure your electronics are accessible and fully charged. You will not be able to fly with a dead phone or laptop.


Whether you are flying short or long haul it is nice to have your carry-on essentials with you. Prepare your carry-on bag before you get to the airport. A few items that are nice to have when in the air include a scarf, headphones, neck pillow, toothbrush or chewing gum, a book, and essential medications.

 This checklist will enable you to travel at ease and make your journey as smooth as possible.

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