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Points to keep in mind when booking a wedding banquet hall in Hyderabad

Points to keep in mind when booking a wedding banquet hall in Hyderabad


When it comes to wedding planning, the aspect that is the lead priority has to be the wedding banquet hall. Although there are numerous wedding venues in Hyderabad, the process of venue selection can be challenging, especially if you are new to the region.  Choosing a wedding venue is much more than just a match for your location and capacity requirements. There are various factors that have to be considered if you want to find the best wedding venue that works for you and your wedding guests. To simplify this process and help you plan your wedding easily, we have put together a few things to keep in mind whilst booking a banquet hall in Hyderabad


The pivotal component of any event is the budget – the entire wedding celebration is dependent on how much you can splurge for each event or element. Hence it is crucial to determine how much you can allocate for the wedding venue out of your total budget. This will surely help you save time on filtering out venues because the costs of banquet halls in Hyderabad can range from a lakh to a few lakhs or more depending on the facilities offered.  So fixating on the “wedding venue budget” will allow you to shortlist options that work the best for your needs and preferences.

Wedding Season:

The cost of banquet halls sky rockets during the wedding season. The cost of the hall is almost always higher on weekends due to the increased demand than during the week. If you are planning to host your wedding during the wedding season, it will surely add to the total wedding cost. New age couples do not mind marrying in the off season where they can snag incredible deals and save a lot of money. 

Number of Guests:

Depending on how elaborate or low key you want your wedding to be, make a list of your potential wedding guests. This guest count will help you in shortlisting your choices for the wedding banquet hall. Not all banquets are suitable for a large gathering or ideal for an intimate wedding celebration. The guest list will also be handy for taking the rest of the wedding planning decisions like the number of invitations to be printed, party favours, catering requirements, and so on. It is wise to remember that banquet halls and restaurant party halls prices vary according to the number of guests. So, if you want to cut down on the hall costs, you may want to have a limited guest list.

Venue Location:

Another important factor in locking in the venue is the location – see if it is easily accessible and how close it is to the accommodation of your choice. You have to consider this factor not just for your sake but also the convenience of your wedding guests. A wedding location in the heart of Hyderabad is going to be expensive and easily accessible. But, a wedding in a more remote location or the outskirts can be cheaper but difficult to get to. 

There are various factors that one has to keep in mind whilst planning a wedding. A wedding banquet hall is one of the most important aspects of the entire wedding celebration. So it is wise to plan in advance and book the venue that you feel is perfect.  

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