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New Film Studio, Mogul, Offers Fans Platform to Engage

In just a few short years, news film studio opened the gate for various applications across all industries.  Today, businesses are searching for ways. Where they can secure their data and make secure, hassle-free transactions — and companies, in turn. They are coming up with blockchain-based solutions that are truly innovative.

As blockchain continues to evolve, the possibilities on what it can do next are endless. Now, the encrypted ledger system is poise to become one of the next big disruptors for the film studio. Something that has never happened before.

Blockchain expert Amorette Jones agrees, “Blockchain is an incredibly valuable technology tool that is going to change the way that the world does business and it is going to change the face of the entertainment industry.”

For example, in New York, SingularDTV has been using decentralized apps to help film studios raise production money. Then develop and distribute their content. The blockchain mechanism used in this case can track various transactions and offer a transparent ledger to the involved parties.

Meanwhile, just recently, new film studio Mogul Productions, an engagement platform for investors, film industry professionals, and fans, went live with its website.  The company is set to offer a multi-layered approach to Hollywood, showcasing three distinct features: industry, investor, and fan.

“All three options give fans the experience of being in the director’s chair as films go from script to screen with never-before access to Hollywood,” said Mogul executives.

Film Studio Platform

Through blockchain technology, the film studio platform aims to provide greater transparency and interaction to fans, investors. The current Hollywood industry artists, allowing people from all over the world. They can access to invest, vote, and cash out on Hollywood films at any time. Fans are also giving rewards for being a part of the website. If they do not want to invest or be an artist.

Leaders at Mogul say they chose to use blockchain for its transparency, security, liquidity, and automation.

“It’s what allows us to make such a unique, inclusive, and transparent business model. We use blockchain to benefit our users. It allows us to show our community all investing, spending, and voting in an unprecedented manner,” Mogul executives comment.


The Mogul security token is digital in nature and managed through a blockchain for security. But it is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Mugul Tokens

Instead, Mogul tokens backed the cash flows of the film studio the company has invested in to ensure. The token’s price is reflective of the success of the film investments, rather than speculation. Ultimately, investors who purchase Mogul tokens are becoming an owner in the future profits of the company’s films.

“Blockchain allows us to be more secure with votes and investments, provide better liquidity, and automate archaic. The manual processes in the film industry. Those savings are passed onto our investors and users,” Mogul leaders say.

The animation studio has yet to announce its first slate of feature films. However, as the website continues to grow,  Mogul is showcasing engagement to their community with an industry Q&A on April 23rd, 11 am PST.

Mogul’s team of co-founders and producers collectively have more than 89 years of experience producing independent films. They are split across America, Canada, Australia, and The UK, with a combined 85 successful feature films between them. There are almost $1 billion dollars in handling film budgets.

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