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Money-Savings Tips For Reducing Your Electric Bill

Electricity is becoming more and more expensive for homeowners as rates continue to skyrocket. If you’re concerned about your rapidly rising electric bill, discover energy-efficient changes for decreasing your monthly energy expenses.

Here are money-saving tips for reducing your electric bill: 

Measure Energy Usage

Measure your home’s energy usage to effectively reduce expenses.

Perform an energy audit to gain an accurate assessment of your energy consumption. Generally, a home’s energy usage includes heating and air conditioning at 46%, water heating at 14%, appliances at 13%, lighting at 9%, and electronics at 4%.

Identifying your home’s specific energy breakdown allows you to proactively decrease energy expenses. Tackle the largest percentages first to create the biggest difference. For example, guarantee you reduce your heating and air conditioning expenses because the systems are usually responsible for the majority of your home’s energy usage.

Develop Mindful Habits

Develop mindful habits to save money daily on electricity.

Establishing a conscious attitude about your energy usage assists in creating a daily difference. Energy-efficient habits include turning off lights, closing doors, shutting curtains, taking shorter showers, and much more. Evaluate your regular activities and energy-inefficient habits to implement cost-effective changes at your home.

Cooking Methods

Assess your cooking methods to reduce your electric bill.

Kitchens are responsible for lots of energy usage because of the major appliances constantly heating, cooling, and running water. Develop better cooking methods and habits to lessen your kitchen’s energy consumption, including:

  • Choosing burners matching a pot or pan’s size
  • Placing lids on pots and pans while cooking
  • Purchasing glass or ceramic dishes to limit cooking times and temperatures
  • Keeping oven and refrigerator doors closed
  • Using your microwave or toaster oven instead of your oven
  • Selecting cold water for washing clothes when possible
  • Running only full loads when using your washer and dishwasher

Discover methods for cooking smarter to save money on energy expenses.

Reduce Temperatures

Reduce temperatures to successfully decrease your electric bill.

Regulating your home’s temperature is essential for controlling your heating and cooling expenses. An excellent option for managing your HVAC system is purchasing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to create customized settings for raising or lowering the temperature while you’re asleep, at work, or on vacation. Additionally, smart thermostats are available containing similar features but letting you control the settings from your smartphone.

Another method for monitoring your home’s temperature involves sealing and insulating potential leaks. Leaks allow air to enter and escape your home, which results in you spending more and more money attempting to adjust your home’s temperature. Seal cracks around your windows and doors by adding weather stripping or caulking. Also, ensure your home is properly insulated, especially your attic, to maintain heat.

Additionally, consider reducing the temperature of your water heater because heating water is the second biggest energy expense. Simply lowering your water heater’s temperature instantly saves you money every time you turn on a faucet.

Eliminate Phantom Energy

Eliminate phantom energy usage to stop wasting money.

Phantom or vampire energy refers to electricity consumed by an electronic device while they’re turned off or in standby mode. Stop squandering energy by unplugging your electronics and appliances when you’re not using them. Additionally, consider using power strips or smart power strips to easily unplug multiple electronics at once.

Change Energy Providers

Change energy providers to instantly save money on your next electric bill.

Energy deregulation allows customers to choose the perfect energy provider by creating a competitive market of suppliers. Simply search “electric companies near me” to locate energy suppliers and compare rates and features. The good news is that renters can benefit from this as well.

Renewable Energy Options

Power your home using renewable energy to decrease electricity expenses.

Renewable energy refers to free, environmentally-friendly, and inexhaustible resources, such as sunlight or wind, converted into usable electricity. Numerous methods are available for accessing renewable energy, including finding a green energy supplier or installing a personal system, such as a solar power system.

Research different renewable energy options for reducing your home’s carbon footprint and saving money.

Reduce your home’s electric bill by following these money-saving tips for success.

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