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Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer vacation Songs: All Tracks Ranked

Get ready by packing your luggage. All right, Miley Cyrus is all set to lead us on a journey. The vocalist crafts 13 tracks from her recently released album Endless Summer vacation into a gruelling voyage of self-discovery. The album’s standout cut, “Flowers,” a club-ready breakup song where Cyrus naturally speaks about liking herself better than anyone else, establishes the tone. But don’t let that deceive you—this endeavour isn’t a cliched manual for handling a divorce. In the 43-minute span of the record, Cyrus examines a variety of feelings, beginning with pride and moving on to contempt, desire, rage, longing, hope, and finally? Acceptance.

The vocalist disclosed that the rhythm of the record was influenced by the way a day changes from twilight to daybreak in an interview with Rolling Stone. “At night, there seems to be a sinuous, seediness, and sort of dirt, but there’s also an elegance,” she said. “In the evening, it’s a wonderful time to relax and recover—or to venture out and indulge in a bit of a crazy side. It’s kind of exciting to me to see how danger bubbles up to the surface in Los Angeles at night because of that intensity. On the other hand, the performer asserts that mornings are ripe with opportunity. “There seems to be a bustle, an activity, and the possibility of fresh opportunities. There is a fresh day.

Every song in Endless Summer Vacation where Cyrus extols her freedom, portrays the seductress, or yells in rage is represented by the night. The early recordings, however, are more depressing. Her softer songs and philosophical thoughts can be found there. Consider the trek as a long nighttime drive. Cyrus gets us up in the middle of the night, and in the early morning, we arrive at our location with the clarity that only a new day can provide.

You can now listen to Eternal Summer Holiday on any streaming programme if you haven’t already. The performer performs seven songs from the record in a short performance documentary that Cyrus also made available on Disney+. The performance takes place at the home where the “Flowers” music video was filmed. We listened to every tune on the record to mark its release.

1. Violet Chemistry

Another sultry dance hit, this song is catchy. I can already imagine this upbeat tune about desire playing over the speakers of a New York City pub. The singer’s singing range isn’t shown, and that’s the only thing I have against it.

2. Wonder Woman

The character of “Wonder Woman” is based on Cyrus’ grandma. She explained the song’s lyrics in a Spotify lyric explanation, stating that they are about “generational fortitude and the knowledge that my grandmother imparted to my mom.”

3. Muddy Feet

Hell hath no wrath like a woman’s contempt, as the proverb says. Cyrus expelled her partner from the home in “Muddy Footwear” after discovering their infidelity. The music earns the next place on my list despite its brief length and fierce impact.

4. Thousand Miles ft. Brandi Carlile

The song “Thousand Miles” is about Cyrus’s connection with her sibling and continues the subject of femininity. The vocalist revealed to Spotify that she first came up with the song in 2016, following the suicide death of a family friend’s sister. The performer claims that since then, the music has changed into something “so far from the sorrow that the song was influenced by.”

5. Flowers

This year, flowers ranked first, and for good cause. The song is ideal for performing charms on your partner, getting dressed for an event, or heading out. Whatever makes you happy.

6. Island

“Island” is meandering and ethereal. Cyrus speaks in this song about running away from reality to find her serenity of mind. “Island” is the kind of tune you turn on and fade off to even though it isn’t as sharp as the rest of the record.

7. Rose Colored Lenses

In “Rose Colored Glasses,” Cyrus implores a relationship free of issues. In the tune, Cyrus appears much more at ease. It’s one where she can fantasise uninhibitedly and is delighted to invite you along.

8. River

The musical song “River” is included in Eternal Summer. This morning, Cyrus released a music video to completely capture the passion and excitement of the tune.

9. Jaded

In this song, Jaded Cyrus apologises to her partner for the way their relationship terminated. It’s boisterous, sincere, and simple to chant along with. sounds that I enjoy.

10. You

“You” is perfect for fans of Plastic Hearts. I’m not whining, but this song is the closest we’ll get to another rock album. When Cyrus speaks about the kind of love she would like to experience, her strong talents are on full show. This seems to be the most authentic number on Endless Summer Holiday, and it’s also the one with the finest performance.

11. Flowers (Demo)

A gentle tribute to self-love, “Flowers” in its purest form. Cyrus whispers it to herself as a song.

12. Handstand

Although it’s entertaining to listen to, “Handstand” is more of a break than a tune. With her companion Twitchy, Cyrus recalls dancing “until there was nothing left” and operating vessels on open water. Even though it’s not the album’s finest song, you still want to hear more.

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