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Lucy in the Sky (2019) will be Hell Fascinating and Intense, Let’s have a Peculiar View!

Lucy in the Sky, an upcoming drama film will premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on 11 September 2019. It will release theatrically on October 4, 2019.

Lucy in the Sky revolves around the life of an astronaut who after having a rough-tough but intensifying space journey and getting back to Earth finds herself changed. And the changes leads her to cut down from her family where her life starts getting worse.

So, does it sounds interesting? Certainly, it is hell intense and enough to grab attention for all those who find space things such as astronomy interesting. Moreover, it’s worth watching for those who understand the pain of being isolated, the alienation from your loved ones while being there with them under one roof.

Now, let me tell you about the worst life experience which the film’s set to highlight. But before going ahead discussing it, let me make you aware of the fact that Lucy in the Sky has some connections with the real-life events of Lisa Nowak, and her former lover, William. Lisa Nowak was a NASA astronaut which after getting back from the space mission get indulged in some criminal acts that lead her to lose all of the honor.

So, the film somehow based on the real-life criminal acts of Lisa that she abducted her lover’s new girlfriend. Along with this, there’s a list of illegal acts for which she was accused of.

Likewise, our leading character of the film, Lucy Cola will suffer from such a painful situation where her lover will betray her.

Certainly, it will be hell intense to explore the downward spiral of Lucy where she all alone coping up with the weirdly emerging and disrupting thoughts that ends-up detaching her from her family. And the worst will begin when she will find her lover who’s also an astronaut having an affair with another astronaut internee.

So, be a part of Lucy’s drastic life journey and don’t miss to watch the intense drama film, Lucy in the Sky!


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