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Lisa Hamme Opens Up

Lisa Hamme Opens Up

Lisa Hamme Opens Up n the 90 days, fiancé on daily soap dish Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar came.The Lisa Hamme as of late did a meeting with Nigerian big name, Katung A and she stood up to him about accepting demise dangers.

Katung gets some information about the demise dangers that she is getting. He says, “I don’t bolster passing dangers regardless of what anyone has done. No one ought to get any passing dangers. We have no privilege as individuals to be attempting to end anyone’s life or making individuals awkward. Regardless.” Lisa then let him know, “Well, the demise dangers originate from someone in particular who is attempting to turn into a blogger. They’re fixated on me.

It’s a fixation they have with me and my significant other. She attempted to hustle my significant other, at that point when she was unable to do it to him, she came after me ten days after the fact. At the point when that didn’t work, presently she’s gone to a stage and she has her devotees sending me dangers, demise dangers, sending my fans passing dangers. It’s unsatisfactory. This individual has no life and I truly don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it since, presently, to be completely forthright, the police offices are included as is the FBI.”


At that point, Katung says to her, “So you’re stating she needs to take your significant other and she needs. To turn into a blogger.” Lisa lets him know, “Well, she wouldn’t like to take him, she’s a wedded lady. This is some twisted game she is playing. It’s something she attempts to do with each season. She put it in content, you know once it’s in content, it’s rarely removed.” Then she goes into what she sent Katung on Reddit, yet he said he can’t pull it up at the meeting.

At that point, they proceed onward. Lisa revealed to him that she took her careful pictures and posted them on the web. She said that she is risky to anybody around her. Katung sends Lisa simply positive vibes when they talk about this. Lisa revealed to him that Usman is in no rush to get to America and she said that the show has alternately indicated him. She at that point addressed the way that they have been together for a long time and that if he extremely simply needed a visa from her, he would have done that three years back.

speak increasingly

She said that the show has turned up her character. It was in support of the evaluations and for the show. She needed to speak increasingly about the ‘I love you’ instant message that she found on his telephone. She stated, “We should confront realities. I’m 53 years of age. My better half’s 31 and with the show, it has exploded so much that he is somewhat overpowered. He is complemented by it, so he committed an error by content. He didn’t do it face to face, he did it by content. Try not to cast the primary stone, since we as a whole have sinned. That was an individual choice between my better half and I. We worked it out among us.

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