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Let You Know About Johannes Roberts “47 Meters Down Uncaged”

Johannes Roberts’s “47 Meters Down Uncaged” is an upcoming horror film of Hollywood cinema industry. This is the movie of a shark that is in action after releasing from its cage under the water. This shark hurting everyone who is getting in her range.

Besides this, the movie also has some more thrilling clips that can hit the viewer’s eye. And they are anxiously waiting to watch the thunder actions of this horrible shark. This action-filled movie is written by Ernest Riera. Furthermore, this movie is another part of the movie “47 Meters Down” that was released in 2017.

Cast Details

If we are talking about the cast then you may know all about it as it was confirmed before. Somewhat you will find some famous faces of Hollywood in the movie. However, you will see the followings in 47 Meters Down Uncaged:

  • John Corbett acting as Grant
  • Nia Long acting as Jennifer
  • Sophie acting Nélisse as Mia
  • Corinne Foxx acting as Sasha
  • Sistine Stallone acting as Nicole
  • Brianne Tju acting as Alexa
  • Davi Santos acting as Ben
  • Khylin Rhambo acting as Carl
  • Brec Bassinger acting as Catherine

The director Johannes Roberts said that this movie is about the four teenagers divers. As they are diving happily under the water city. Suddenly they will find themselves in ruined water that will be their big adventure.

Furthermore, he explaining that when they are going deep underwater in pot-holes, they find some old species of dead shark there in the ocean. And now the real adventure will start when they will know that they are not only in a smudgy pot-hole. What will happen next, to know that must watch the movie on the cinema screen on 16th August 2019. Surely you will feel the real horror and adventure.

However, check some clips under the released trailers below:

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