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Kevin Kelpinwietz: A Closer Look on the Man Behind Qazikoo

Behind every great product, invention and advancement is a man who worked hard to pursue his dream. This is true for Kevin Kelpinwietz, a 32-year old visionary who liked to always think ahead, break boundaries and find ways to make life better for many.

The early days

Kevin Kelpinwietz born in a simple family with working-class parents. So he understood what it meant to work hard at an early age. But Kelpinwietz always knew that he destined for greater things. He showed his competitive spirit early on.

As a track and field athlete, he always won tournaments and even clocked an impressive 1 minute 53 seconds in the 800 meter dash. Kelpinwietz held this record for many years and he brought this hunger for excellence as he pursued his studies.

After graduation, Kelpinwietz worked in finance for several years. It was where he got exposed to a lot of problems that needed concrete solutions. Being a visionary, he felt that he needed to step up to these challenges and do something about them. And so, he left his job.

The pursuit of greatness 

Kevin Kelpinwietz knew that he meant to an entrepreneur who will revolutionize the world with his work. In 2018, he started his business at the age of 32 with the mindset of bringing a fresh approach to personal banking.

The idea behind Qazikoo was born out of frustration. Kelpinwietz does very keenly on managing his finances. So he had multiple banking apps on his mobile phone with different pins and passwords.

Over time, this setup became frustrating to him that he began to think of how he could create an app where all his banking needs are in one place. Kevin has a clear and simple objective when it comes to creating the platform, to create a smooth and simple experience for the user to help with all banking needs.

Kelpinwietz began working with different experts in the fields of finance and technology, which resulted to the birth of Qazikoo, an all-in-one banking app where you could do all your financial transactions conveniently. As it turned out, Kelpinwietz shared the same frustration with thousands of other people around the world. The company’s target of 10,000 sign ups before launch hit almost instantaneously. This has pushed the valuation of his company up to £10,000,000 before even launching and a step closer to being the quickest company in Fintech to hit the billion-pound mark. And unlike other challenger banks, Kelpinwietz is not only concerned about the valuation, he is aiming to be a profit-making challenger bank within the first 3 years.

The future of banking

When asked how he made such huge project possible, Kelpinwietz said: “I very rarely hesitate when it comes to making decisions. I prefer decisive actions rather than countless thoughts. If mistakes have made, learn quickly and adapt. But always act in haste and with results, be patient.”

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