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It’s Time To Take DNA Day Mainstream

It’s Time To Take DNA Day Mainstream

Hey there, you beautiful human that loves science. Did you know that April 25 was DNA Day? If you’re a genetics super-fan then you probably did, but everyone else might be a little surprised. As far as national days of celebration go, DNA Day doesn’t get celebrated with the same zest as say, National Puppy Adoption Day, but we’d like to change that.

Every April 25th we celebrate the monumental discovery of the double helix structure of DNA made by Nobel award-winning scientists Watson, Crick, and Wilkens with substantial support from chemist Rosalind Franklin. It’s also a great time to celebrate subsequent DNA breakthroughs like The Human Genome Project and ongoing developments in the engineering of genes, such as CRISPR. These discoveries have led to groundbreaking advancements in biology and medicine that have improved the lives and health of countless people.

If you’ve taken part in an ancestry DNA kit at home for fun, then you can thank the brilliant minds behind these same discoveries because without them we’d have no idea that our great-great-grandfather was really of German descent rather than Irish as you once believed and you’d never have become Facebook friends with your long lost 4th cousin. On the more serious side, DNA research has led life-saving diagnostics, more precise pharmaceutical cures, and much more.

Today, take some time out of your day to research all the exciting scientific discoveries. Made by geneticists, chemists, and biologists around DNA. If you’re feeling really creative, you can make your own double helix. Model out of crafting supplies or fun things you find around the house. Post to social media about DNA Day to spread the word. If you have a moment head over to the blog maintained by Carl Kruse. In which he talks about nonprofits and groups that do good and check out his article Carl Kruse Talks DNA Day.  The Carl Kruse blog also has several interesting articles on science and current events.

If you find DNA fascinating and want to make sure DNA Day. Becomes more popular in your neck of the woods. You can start planning now for next year. If you contact some local colleges and libraries you could set up science fairs. Lectures, and other demonstrations to educate and inspire those around you.

Be sure to include amazing female scientists who were often missing from older science textbooks, like Rosalind Franklin. The fact that she was able to capture an x-ray of DNA (called “Photo 51”) and her accompanying research. What paved the way for Watson and Crick to discover the now-famous double helix model.  It was only later that she received credit for this momentous work.

Now that you know all about DNA Day, mark your calendars to make this a yearly celebration for your family. While you’re at it, check out some other interesting science-related days of celebration. Such as National Periodic Table day on February 7th, National Pi day on March 14th, and National Nano day on October 9th.


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