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It Chapter 2: When and Who will Play Pennywise 2019?

It Chapter 2 is an upcoming American super horror film that set in 2016. The film will come on on-screen on 6 September 2019. Loser club defeated pennywise after 27 years which turns to terrorize the town of Derry.

In chapter 2 is considering one of the most popular movies of 2019. The first part of the It Chapter was hit in 2017. Even the trailer of the second part got 34 million viewers in a week.

In It Chapter 2, Jay Ranson and Bill Hader will play the role of Ben Hansom and Richie Tozier, respectively. Moreover, James Ransoms will also appear in chapter 2 as Eddie Kaspbrak. Besides all of these characters, X men star James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Isaiah Mustafa, and Andy bean are included.

The trailer of the second part has released. Here you can watch the final trailer of the It chapter 2. the second trailer was displayed at Cinema Con but just for attenders. The clip is so terrifying and horror, but fans are waiting for this thriller film.

Beverly will go to her childhood place, where she met an older woman called Mrs. Kersh. She said to an old lady, my father has dead bu everyone is alive here who have died. That moment is so terrifying but gives goosebumps.


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