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Increase in demand for an Anime Girl Base, See how to be one

Nowadays digital sketching of Anime girl base with the use of Photoshop has been so in that if you become professional at making one you can be hired to an International gaming or clothing brand. You can see the rise in popularity of anime girls on every television commercial, book, and clothing brand also in promotions of new toys. And all of this is going to bring a lot of money in your pocket only if you learn the basics of sketching an anime girl. In this article, you will learn from basic to professional techniques of getting your hand into being one.

Initial steps on creating A Cute Anime Girl body base

Draw the overlook of an Anime female body base structure.

When you start an Anime drawing base, so your main purpose is to make sure that everybody’s part is incorrect proportions and measurements if not take an example card from any sketching website. The relation of every body part should be kept fluent so nothing looks out of the way or add to the viewer’s eye. Everything has to be of the right size and in the right place. You can do a little exaggeration on some of the body parts by increasing or decreasing the proportion. This will add an additional personality overview of the character. It may add a cute look with big eyes or an evil one with short eyes.

anime base girl newscase

For anime girl base drawing the main sketch start with a vertical line in the middle of the page. Make sure not to go with a darker line keep your pencil or digital pen as light as a feather. The purpose of drawing the vertical line is to balance both sides of the sketch so nothing goes more or less. It would be great if horizontal lines are added too. This will keep the body parts in the same line not above or below. Drawing both of the views at once is a more professional step as you’ll finish the sketch at once. Rather than coming to the other side at a later term.

Drawing the head

anime girl base head

To draw the head of the anime girl base sketch make sure to make the vertical and horizontal lines again remember to keep your pencil or pen as light as feather, take a reference, or help of a small circular object like a coin. When done with drawing the circle bring it into an oval shape slightly. Add the details after a while of preparing the head fully.

Cute Anime Girl Poses From Basic Shapes

structure of anime girl base body

The making of a more realistic drawing is different from making an anime drawing. If we were getting more realistic then the size of the head is going to be shortened in anime but the head should be bigger than the anime’s body. You can draw smaller circles layer below the head on the left and right side as it is going to clear the picture of creating shoulders. As you’ve created the shoulders indications in the previous step now start sketching the arms slightly bringing the body into a prominent flow.

Sketch the lower part of the body

anime girl base body with newscase

Start with the legs and keep the measurement of the legs shorter than the body as in almost half of it.  Follow up with the vertical and horizontal lines made before during the first steps of the sketching

The Final Steps finishing off the anime girl

anime girl base on newscase

Add in the details of the sketch made. The eyes, the nose, and ears may use darker shades. Make the hair as short or as long. Add in the clothes of your choice shirt pants or shoes that would go well enough. Start again with vertical and horizontal lining techniques. As the body is slim and fitted make sure about the clothing. Don’t forget to add some basic colors to the drawing a fabric that slightly glides through your body. Add different shadings to the outfit and the hair. Make sure that the more shade you add makes the figure more pleasing visually. Girls’ animation and girls’ Halloween costumes are very popular nowadays.


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Just master at making an anime girl base and there will be so many opportunities for you to get into any commercial agency, ad agency also into product marketing. There are several; jobs waiting at your doorstep only if you’re a master at making an anime girl base.


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