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Important Features to Look for In a Washing Machine

A washing machine is an essential home appliance that is found in every house. No one imagines a life without a washing machine. It has made the washing experience simpler and smoother. Now anyone in the house can finish the chore of washing clothes. People can save much of their time and energy because of the washing machines. It even has a positive impact on the health of the individual. People who use washing machines can deprive themselves of the direct contact of water and even their hands can be saved from the harsh effects of the detergents.

Due to modern technology, the washing machines are equipped with various features and benefits. These features differ from one machine to the other. Here, we will tell you about the features that you should look for while buying a washing machine for your house. You should consider these aspects even if you are getting a washing machine for rent.

Features that would define the worthiness of the washing machine

Semi-automatic or fully automatic machines

Semi-automatic or fully automatic machines

Semi-automatic washing machines come with two separate tubs for washing and drying respectively. These machines are the entry-level machines and it requires human intervention. After washing clothes in the washing tub, you have to manually move them to the drying tub. These machines are inexpensive and consume less water as compared to the fully automatic washing machine. Fully automatic washing machines wash and dry your clothes automatically without any manual effort. You just need to put the clothes in the machine and it would start the washing process automatically.

Top load or front load

Front-load washing machines are advanced machines in modern times. They have several features like timer, soaking, hot water supply, and advanced child lock. Top load machines are good but have fewer features. However, they are economical and easy to use. Both the top and front load machines are automatic.

Load capacity

If you have a big family, you should go to the washing machine that can accept large loads. The load is measured in kgs. If you have a small family or stay single, you can get a washing machine up to 6kgs. Bigger families should opt for more than 8kgs.

The material of the drum

The drums are made up of several materials like porcelain enamel, plastic, and stainless steel. The washing machine that has a stainless steel drum is expensive and durable. Enamel on the other hand is less durable, but it is cheaper.


You should always check the amount of energy it consumes while buying. The energy star ratings are mentioned on the body of the machines and you can have a look at them to judge the energy efficiency ratings.

The bottom line is whether you get a refrigerator on rent or buy a new washing machine; you should minutely observe and understand the features. If you are not able to understand on your own, ask the shopkeeper or go through the reviews. It will help you to get the best product for yourself.

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