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How to Transfer Money from Paytm to a Bank?

Online transactions are quite common in this modern era. The concept of online earning has got immense hype. People all over the globe earn online through showcasing their skills. The majority of these are freelancers who get their money from different freelancing platforms. With the passage of time, there exist a huge variety of online transaction platforms. There is Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Paytm, and much more. Ler’s learn How to transfer money from Paytm to a bank?

Transferring Money from Paytm to Bank 

If you have received the money in Paytm and want to transfer it to your bank account, then you can do it with super ease. Previously, it was tough for people to transfer their money from one platform to another. Nowadays, they can transfer their earnings with super ease while sitting on their couch. Although transferring the money from one platform to another is easy, it charges a certain amount of money. The charges for transferring money from Paytm to the bank are quite minimal. 

Steps for Transferring Money to Bank

Both the new and regular users of Paytm can get the benefit of the Paytm app. It is a convenient way of dealing with money. It lets you know the balance in Paytm and helps in receiving and sending money through the Paytm platform. Get the Transfer of your money into the bank account from Paytm through the use of some simple steps:

Download Paytm App

If a person does not have the Paytm app on the smartphone, then no issues at all. Go to the Play Store and type Paytm. Navigate the app from the available options and click on the Paytm app. Now tap at Install button and let the app process. It will get installed into your device within seconds. The user will observe the Paytm icon on the mobile home screen when the downloading completes.

Paytm Wallet

Tap at the Paytm icon to open it up. If you are using it on mobile for the first time, then you have to sign in first. Sign in to your Paytm account by entering the user ID and password correctly. The homepage of the Paytm app appears on the screen. Now navigate the Passbook and tap on it. Look for the Paytm Wallet. When you open up the Paytm Wallet, then you will come to know about the available balance in it. 

Transfer Money to Bank

The user can send money from Paytm to different platforms. Make the selection where you want to transfer the money. In case of transferring the money to the bank, make the selection for “Send Money to Bank.” Now, tap the button of Transfer. 

Enter Amount to Transfer

When you tap the transfer button, then you will encounter some empty fields. One of the empty fields is related to the amount. Here, you have to enter the amount that you would like to transfer to the bank. One must be cautious while entering the amount and should cross-check it. You cannot enter the amount that exceeds your Paytm balance.

Enter Bank Details

After entering the amount, enter the bank account details in which you want to transfer money. Make the selection for the bank name and beneficiary account. Cross-check the details in order to avoid any mistakes. All the information entered in it must be accurate. The tap at the transfer button would let you initiate the process of transferring the amount from Paytm to a Bank account.


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