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How To Tell If A House Was Maintained

How To Tell If A House Was Maintained

A well maintained house is everything that everyone has ever wanted when searching for that perfect home. One may wonder, “How much is my house worth?”, but it all starts with how it is maintained. Here are some tips to tell if a house was maintained over its lifetime.

Find an Inspector

The first thing you should do when wanting to know if a house has maintained is to find an inspector that can look over every aspect of the home. They may find issues that would have gone over your head if you weren’t careful enough. 

A professional inspector may cost you some extra money, but it could be 100% worth it if you can resolve issues that could take a toll on the home over time. It will be the simplest and easiest thing to do off the start, even though it may be the most expensive. Inspectors know what to look for, they have trained and it is their job. So if you are uncertain about some things, then maybe it is time to call someone else to come look at it. 

Do Some Self Investigation

Self investigation is okay when you know what to look for. People will spruce up their home before they sell it, like painting the home and trimming up the lawn to make it look nicer. There are many things to look for that will show that the home owner wasn’t so honest with you after all, which could save you from headaches down the road.

Check the furnace filter, this may be a good indicator that the home has been taken care of over time. It may have just been changed though, and nobody can really tell if that was the first time it has been changed in years. Not changing the filter can result in your furnace not lasting its expected life span, which could cost you a load of money down the line. 

That is only one thing to look for, some other things to check is if everything is working correctly throughout the home. Flush the toilets, open the closets, run the dishwasher on full load, test the stove, windows, and doors. If these all add up to good, then it is a great indicator that the home has cared for in the time that it has used. 

Every home doesn’t need this super crazy inspection. But if you are looking for a new home to live in for the next few years. Then you may want to take an extra hard look when you come down to your top three choices. A maintained home will save you thousands of dollars for years to come. But many problems arise when the home hasn’t maintained. But instead spruced up for the buyer. When it becomes harder to spot problems throughout the home. Then hiring a third-party inspector may be your best bet. To save on costly damages in the future, homeowners get help from a reliable tuckpointing contractor to make sure their walls and house exteriors are sturdy, fresh as new, and protected from possible moisture damage.

Maybe 1 in 20 houses have considered well maintained by professionals. So perfection isn’t always what you are looking for. Just make sure you know that the house is in good standing and that the owner cared for it. So that you can get the home you always deserved.

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