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How to Start as a Freelance Writer

So, you want to become a Freelance Writer, but where you start, what you use, how do you do it. These are questions that you’’ certainly ask yourself when you consider becoming a freelancer writer, and I’ll try to help you answer some of these questions.

Pick Your Niche

Most freelance writers start their career as a Freelance Writer with a specific niche that they understand. For instance, if you’ve got plenty of knowledge about nutrition. Then you’ll start by applying for gigs writing about the subject. Because the old saying goes, write what you recognize.

Gain Experience

When applying for an article gig online? The client will ask you to send them samples of your writing. Therefore, this is the primary thing you would like to try. Before you begin applying for gigs is to make a sample portfolio.

Write three or four articles on your favorite topic, and confirm they pass ‘Grammarly’. These pillar articles will form the inspiration for your sample portfolio. And you’ll get to use them whenever you apply for a gig. Freelance Writer, Therefore, it’s critical that you simply refine these articles with perfect grammar.

As you complete more gigs, create files on your laptop for every one of the categories, like nutrition, lifestyle blogs, travel, etc. Eventually, after a couple of months of writing for clients, you’ll have an intensive library of articles you’ll use for samples.

become a Freelance Writer

After completing your sample portfolio, it’s time to urge into the market and apply for writing jobs. There are many places to seem for work. Let’s take a glance at a number of your best options for locating your first Freelance Writer gig.

Freelance Sites

These Freelance Writer websites are the simplest place to start out as a contract writer. Each of the platforms operates a touch different than the others. So you would like to remember the technicalities of each of them. And therefore the best strategy for locating work using these sites.


Most Freelance Writer start their careers on Fiverr. With this platform, you create an account, build a profile, and then await the work to return to you. The difficulty with the platform is that there are thousands of writers. And they are a bit like you, expecting clients to send them work.

When prospective clients search the location for writers, most of them believe the writer’s star-rating to offer them thought of the writer’s performance. The difficulty with this is often that as a newbie to the platform. Therefore, you’ve got no previous client testimonials to validate your profile.

To build your profile, get a couple of friends to check-in for the platform. And you can pay them to shop for a couple of articles from you. Therefore, they will leave you 5-star feedback on your work. This strategy may cost you $50 to create your reputation. But it’s better than sitting around and getting no offers.

Freelance Writer and Upwork

Both of those sites run an identical model rather than expecting clients to return to your wish on Fiverr. You can leave and bid on jobs on Upwork and Freelancer instead.

The difficulty with these sites is that there’s such a lot of competition. And you’ll find yourself during a bidding war with other Freelance Writer trying to secure the contract. As a result, you’ll find yourself working for peanuts.

You also got to take care of applying for work on these platforms. If you bid on too many roles and don’t get a response. Then the platform might ban your account. The admin team will send you an email stating that it seems your services aren’t in demand. And they’ll permanently ban you from the platform. Although, you haven’t violated their terms of service.

Freelance Job Openings

While FreelanceJobOpenings is not a Freelance Writer specific platform, it serves as an aggregator search engine for jobs from all over the world like UAE, Qatar, UK and USA.

It also gets it jobs from the most renowned companies of these countries, and such it servers its users to find all the best jobs opportunities in one place, instead of the hassle of looking around the web. 

Most Common Tools for Freelancers

When you start your quest to seek out work as a Freelance Writer. Then there are a couple of indispensable tools that you simply got to meet your client’s content requirements.

The Basics

As a writer, you would like a laptop or PC with a word processing system. You’ll select any device you wish. However, Freelance Writer we recommend you invest during a laptop because it is portable, and you’ll add the cafe if you are feeling like getting out of the house.

You don’t need a strong machine, and a Celeron processor or a netbook will work fine. Our preferred word processing system of choice in Microsoft Word.

However, the utility of free tools like Google Docs is quite sufficient for the task, and lots of clients’ will prefer you to write down during this format.

Grammar Tools

If you would like to face out from the pack, then you would like to speculate in grammar tools to see your work before you submit it to your client. Programs like “Grammarly” are must-have and identify the short-comings in your writing.

Clients despise poor grammar and therefore the use of the passive in your work. Unless you’re an English major, then you’ll find that a program like Grammarly can benefit your writing. Most Freelance Writer only uses free versions of that software. Then wonder why they never get any repeat work from their clients.


Plagiarism of other people’s work may be a real problem, and if your client discovers that you’re ripping off other people’s work, you’ll expect them never to contact you again.

Grammarly offers a superb plagiarism checking function, but the leader during this niche is “Copyscape.” All you would like to try to do is upload your file, and therefore the system shows you any instances of plagiarism that you simply got to change to form your work original.

Avoid Writing Courses

Most aspiring freelance Writer will spend much time researching the niche before they plan to have a look for clients. The probabilities are that your research is what brought you to the present article in the first place.

Freelance writing “gurus” provide you with the chance to check-in for his or her writing courses. These gurus make false promises of shooting you into the highest echelons of writers, all for the low price of $997 for his or her online course. Don’t fall for these gimmicks. The only way you’ll retrieve as a writer is by writing. Implementing the above tools is all you would like to form online as a freelancer.

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