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How to play the Shadow Priest class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Not every player is ready and wants to associate himself with the role of a support, and there are several reasons for this, especially in such a multifaceted project as World of Warcraft.

The main reason lies in the fact that many players want to be heroes in the context of recognition on the server, and usually, these are characters that deal damage. Many people forget that behind all such well-known players, there are always supporters who have helped and continue to help in this way. In addition, supports need a large amount of in-game gold to equip for protection.

The second reason may be the difficulty in leveling since few priests are able to earn experience on their own and do it not by a teaspoon, but by fully raising the levels, but this is solved by finding a permanent group.

Fortunately, there are classes of healers that have several branches of development, and Darkness will allow you not only to help your allies but also to deal full damage thanks to the power of darkness.

The only thing worth considering is that all classes that are positioned as attacking, or semi-attacking, like a Priest with a specialization in Darkness, need a quality improvement in weapons, not just equipment like calipers, in order to be valuable, useful, and gladly accepted into any group.

To earn upgrades as they are available by level and status, you need a lot of in-game gold, and you can get it in several ways:

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Buy

Quests are tasks that are assigned to you by local NPCs, with the help of which game developers bring you up to date on the basic mechanics of World of Warcraft, teach you to understand skills, and help you earn gold, while simultaneously telling the events of the world of Azeroth and the changes that come with new patches.

Grinding is a way of extracting gold and resources by killing a large number of monsters that live in locations that suit your level. This way of farming is not for everyone, as it takes time, perseverance, and steady damage to destroy enemies. If you’re hitting monsters for too long, then you’d better focus on quests as a source of faster and more stable experience.

buy, meaning the purchase of game gold for real money. You can contact the Skycoach service, which will help you get the right amount of gold in the shortest possible time, or supply the required item at your request. The service guarantees your anonymity and the provision of all necessary security measures to prevent the intervention of the game administration in your transaction.

Who is a Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Who is a Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

A priest who chose to walk the path of darkness rather than light and chose damage and health regeneration through lifestyle instead of restoring resources to his allies.

This is the path of the healer who wants to deal damage and be effective in PvE, but keep in mind that the demand for equipment for these classes increases at the level of combat mages.

Class Changes in the Dragonflight Update

Starting with the Dragonflight update, the developers have greatly rethought the idea of builds and made it possible to combine all skills in any variation at their discretion, allowing even the most experimental combinations.

Shadow Word, Death now has a 10-second cooldown and generates 4 Insanity for enhanced attacks.

Psychic Scream: Turns enemies to flight and inflicts a disoriented effect, any damage will cancel the effect of the skill, Now works in a radius of 8 meters.

Abyssal Tentacles: – wrap around the legs of enemies and prevent them from moving, the tentacles can be destroyed; they now act in a radius of 8 meters.

Many skills related to the direction of darkness have been removed from World of Warcraft.

Dark Insight is now two separate skills and does not stack with Mind Blast.

Dark Crush now has significantly less damage, only generates 6 Insanity, and has a cooldown of about 20 seconds.

The Soul Link skill now combos with all skill types except Shadow Word, Twilight Ghost, and Vampire’s Touch.

The proc chance of Maddening Touch and Auspicious Spirits now depends on the number of targets you attack at the same time.

Mind Flay has been essentially replaced with Mind Spike, which grants a reduced Insanity gain through a faster cast and cools down.

The Abyssal Stream skill now automatically summons an Idol that can inflict various effects, including extending negative spells on opponents.

Devouring the plague now automatically triggers Void Shouts.

Added five new talents aimed at reducing the cost of insanity and increasing the overall damage to individual skills.

The damage from the Soul Link skill no longer triggers Embrace of the Vampire.

Strengths of the Shadow Priest Class in World of Warcraft

A wide range of cooldowns for attacks.

Increased damage against bosses in normal and mythic dungeons.

A wide pool of skills to restore your own health thanks to the effect of lifestyle and the ability to increase the number of targets to attack.

Strengthening skills for their allies aimed at accelerating the strength and attack speed and the ability to borrow some of the bonuses for their own boost.

Strengths of the Shadow Priest Class in World of Warcraft

Weaknesses of the Shadow Priest class in World of Warcraft

Acute dependence on the correct sequence of using the Shadow Priest skill and hitting the Dark Crush ability – which takes a long time to reach the selected point and activate the effect from which the acceleration begins.

Too wide a pool of talents and abilities can confuse newcomers to WoW Dragonflight.

The heaviest damage is triggered if the character does not move during attacks, so it is important to plan your movement so that you can both attack and be safe from enemies, especially those who fight in melee.

Stats and their priority for Shadow Priest

During creation, each character will have all kinds of parameters that are in the World of Warcraft, but at the same time, there are profile and optional values that need to be developed for the progress of the character himself.

The more valuable the equipment for your hero, the more value it accrues to its owner.


The key parameter for all magic classes, which is responsible for the total magic damage and the amount of mana available for the use of podcasts.


Adds a chance for skills to proc successfully, enhances their potential, allows the skill to proc with increased power, or have a repeat action without cooldown.


A parameter that is responsible for the speed of movement, attack and casting spells. Any mage is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks, and a high speed can allow you to avoid damage from some opponents and deal damage from a safe distance.

Critical hit

Gives your skill a chance to work with a vengeance – a very useful characteristic for all battle mages, which is Shadow Priest.

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