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How to create your store online yourself fast and without being a designer or coder

Despite the fact that there are already around 80,000 webshops active, there are still people who would like to start a new web shop. Thanks to easy online store software you no longer need to know programming code. Starting your own online store is therefore very easy. An overview of what you need to get started and the rules that apply to a web store.

Many people still start a web store. Both as a hobby, for example, to start your own antique or old comic book virtual store, or to actually earn money online as an entrepreneur with the prospect that the web store must be able to provide a living and if possible just a little more. Software companies and web designers are of course happy to respond to this.

There are now dozens of different internet store software companies that help start a web store. Each with their own online store software. This makes it difficult to make a good choice in which to start an online store. In addition, there are rules, and a lot is involved. In this article, we, therefore, discuss popular software, and the most frequently asked questions from internet entrepreneurs who want to start a web store.

Can anyone just start an online store?

Yes, almost anyone can start a web store just like that. There are exceptions that, when you think about it for a moment, make quite a sense. Not everyone is allowed to start a butcher shop, shooting club, or demolition company just like that because this could have serious legal consequences, and selling meat, weapons, or demolition orders online is of course also included. But for the most part, mandatory permits are no longer required.

Online store and regulations

Keep in mind that a business hobby does not become a sneaky evasion of mandatory regulatory pressure. Selling something at an auction or marketplace is fine as a hobby, but if you really start selling through your own web shop, your visitors and customers can experience your online store as a company. In that case, the government will also want you to behave accordingly.

If you are working commercially and something goes wrong, the judge may judge you according to the law in rem. Even that you are not having registration in the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, there is legislation with regard to your website, if you sell items on it, and/or request data. Especially when you sell to consumers with your online store, you are bound by different rules.

When the turnover is a few hundred or a maximum of a thousand euros on an annual basis and visitors to your online store do not feel that they are visiting a company, it can be considered as a hobby. So starting an online store is actually always possible. But if the turnover grows or your web store image appears more professional and businesslike, it is advisable to ask an authority such as the Chamber of Commerce or an administrative office for advice.

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