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How to choose a dog for a prepper?

So, you are looking for a dog for a prepper. It is excellent you need a dog which is active and sharp. The Mountain Cur can be the right choice for all its excellent functions. You will find it a fiercely loyal companion for your family and downright suspicious of strangers. Therefore, this is the right choice for your survivalism. This medium-sized and sleek looking dog does not mean that he is not suitable for a prepper. With high energy, for you, it isn’t easy to keep it in control. A prepper dog should be energetic and enthusiastic.

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With some unique characteristics, the prepper dog is an ideal playing partner for you. It belongs to the area that is known for its freezing weather and cold snow. It born with the qualities of guarding the home, pulling vehicles, cart, herding, and hunting. He does not have low activity levels and can live happily inside the house with other pets and your small kids, but it needs two walks or high-level exercises daily. Some people find him aggressive towards them if they are not acceptable to him.

You can call these types of dogs’ prepper dog. They will be a good friend of your older children who can understand how to play, treat, and enjoy with them. You will see the snobbish expression, sober, lordly, dignified, and scowling face with grace in its temperament. The best dog for preppers will be friendly and entertaining with your guests and will not create any mess with them.


Containing a distinctive stilted gait, a scowl of a lion, coat of a teddy bear, and blue-black tongue make me more attractive. It is a medium-sized dog with a bushy tail curled tightly, a rough or smooth double coat in cream, cinnamon, blue, black, and red, small triangular ears, a broad head, and a deep muzzle. You can call him a powerful dog because of the squarely built body that is stout and sturdy. The curved tail over the back makes it more attractive. The almond-shaped eyes on the sides of the large head are my recognition. The large black nose with a broad muzzle and black mouth is the sign of a prepper dog.


Generally, a prepper is a healthy dog, and there is no unique disorder that can be seen until the puppies reach full maturity. Some dogs of this breed may suffer from Hip Dysplasia and Entropion. It is expected that these types of dogs are a high-energy level dog and need to jump and play all the time. This can injure them or due to a high level of sensitivity and may have an infection. To avoid all these types of situations, medical assessment regularly is necessary.

Healthy Carbohydrates are good options such as brown rice and barley. With the sensitive digestive system, these prepper dogs need clean, clear, and hygienic food. It should be free from toxins. It must tailor accordingly. Also; it is good to provide fresh food that is easy to digest instead of tin and processed food.