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How To Change Google Password? – Google Updated!

Password is the sensitive information that must be secured to the optimum. Avoid typing the password in front of others. And, also avoid sharing it with others. Else you may have to face the music. Let’s learn How To Change Google Password?

Why Change Google Password?

The change of reset of the Google password can be due to multiple reasons. Most often, people do so because of security concerns. When it is tough to remember the password, then you can change it and set the easy one. Likewise, when there is any theft or intrusion issue, then you may consider changing the password. The risk of hacking is the major reason that forces people to change their passwords from time to time. If multiple people are using the device, then it is better to change the password after a certain time. 

What is the Method to Change Google Password?

The user can change the Google password from the smartphone. Open up the Chrome app on the device. Then tap at the address bar and tap settings. Now, tap at the passwords to export, delete or view them. Tap it to manage the way you like. Save the passwords for your ease in the Remove it when you like and optimize your account security. You can change the Google password when required. It is quite easy to do so. You must follow some simple steps for doing so. 

The first step for this includes the opening up of the Google Account. Check the internet connection and then Sign-in into your Google Account. Now, navigate the option of security in the Google account after signing in. From this section, make the selection for the password. Tap at the option of password. The user may have to sign in again after choosing the password option. Enter the new password into it and then click on the button of Change Password. It does not take much time to change the password. With such simple steps, you can change the password multiple times. 

Reset the Password

The process to reset the Google password will include the inquiry that would consist of certain questions. The user has to answer these questions correctly, and there would be the generation of email to the user’s email id. Check the email in the spam and click on the given link. Choose the password of your desire within seconds.

After Changing Google Password

Whenever you change the password for your Google account, you will be signed out of all the devices. You will remain signed-in on the device where you verified your identity that it is your account. Except for this one, the Google account on all other devices would be automatically signed out.


It is better to learn the way to change the Google password rather than taking the assistance of others. When you ask others to change your password, then you are risking security. Use the Google account with ease and connect it with your mobile number or add the security questions to it. These questions should be easy enough for you to remember. Similarly, choose the password wisely so that you do not have to put pressure on the brain to remember it.