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How Much Does It Cost to Become a Makeup Artist?

Who is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is a specialist, who alters the appearance, enhances the look, and hides the flaw using cosmetic techniques & procedures. Using prosthetics and their makeup artistry, they can create imaginative characters and thus facilitate special effects for films, television, photography, and theatre. Moreover, they, in collaboration with fashion designers are involved in visualizing concepts in order to present the new collection to buyers.

Requisite skills for being a good makeup artist:

Communication & listening skills:

Listening skills are required to understand the requirements and concerns of the client. Good communication skills are required not only to help build clientele and growing your business but also to communicate and letting the client know what procedure you are carrying out in makeup and in answering all their relevant questions. It’ll also be easier so you can apply makeup faster. Besides this good communication with staff and other team members will ensure no confusion in understanding the client brief. Be open to suggestions.

Ability to work under pressure:

Be professional about your makeup assignments. Never show time pressure on your face and actions. Do not be all over the place. Be calm and plan your makeup process. Pay attention to details and be confident of what you are doing.

Creative & visualization skills:

Sketch your makeup ideas basis on the client brief and get his approval. Take into consideration the lighting, occasion, backdrops, etc. while planning makeup. Maintain proper safety, sanitation, and hygiene. Wash all your tools and equipment after use.

Time Management:

Adhere to all the engagements as far as possible. Do not cancel out your prior client in favour of a more profitable opportunity. Finish your assignment in time and never let your client wait for his/her appointment. Well maintained current portfolio of work


Clients look for those professional artists who can do both makeup and hairstyling in order to have a synergy (makeup and hairstyling complementing each other) as well as to save time.  Attention to details

Where should I learn the Makeup Artist course and what are its fees?

There are several colleges offering Fashion and Celebrity makeup courses. Basis the following, you should select the college:

  • Professional Certificate that is accredited at both national and international level
  • Offer makeup and hairstyling courses as per updated trends
  • Deep dive into skin science, skin & hair types, and facial features
  • Offer competencies in the use of the latest skincare and beauty products basis skin/hair type along with an understanding of hygiene and makeup etiquettes.
  • Offer knowledge about an occasion-specific makeup-festive look, wedding look, etc.
  • Impart knowledge about the impact of lighting, the photographic process, use of colours and props on makeup.
  • Classes by industry-trained faculty
  • Hands-on learning
  • Courses must offer proficiency in minimizing the impact of makeup processes on the skin including ways to overcome unpleasant side effects
  • Exposure through an internship in events like fashion shows, film production, etc.
  • Bonus career support curriculum- personality development program, Weight loss program, photography, learn makeup artist courses fees personal styling, Yoga/fitness expert, etc.
  • Weekend or evening classes for students busy in alternative professions

The course fee varies from institute to institute and is dependent on the college, the course content, the course type you are pursuing, and the duration of the course. The fee usually ranges between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 70,000.

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