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How do you win prizes in Prize Fiesta?

When you want to have some fun, and you also want to win real gifts, there isn’t much on offer. A game that combines the two is not easy to find. Let’s take a look at Prize Fiesta because that’s exactly what it offers.

Prize Fiesta is a puzzle game based on a simple principle. Line up the identical symbols and move through the levels. As soon as you start, your attention is drawn by the scenery of the game. You begin in a village of dwarves living in mushrooms. This sets the tone. From here, you move through deserts, the Wild West, journeys at sea …You are also treated to original music that suits each setting perfectly. So there’s the fun – now you have to go through the various stages to win your gift.

How do I play Prize Fiesta?

At each level, you have to make combos of identical pieces. As soon as you line up three pieces, you start to make progress. There are also special combos that help you progress faster. • Four identical pieces give a super piece.• Five identical pieces give a multicolored bonus joker.• Combining super pieces with jokers produces a whole range of effects that bring you closer to victory.  Completing the levels is the first thing to do in order to be able to choose a gift. But to make the game even more entertaining, the player has other goals to achieve. These goals are as follows: • Collect as many mushrooms as possible.• Accumulate gems.• Fill your piggy bank.• Open the gift cave and choose the reward you want to win.• Spend the money in your piggy bank to get your gift!

What are Prize Fiesta tips?

There are plenty of ways of improving your results in Prize Fiesta. Spins always allow you to win something:

  • Gems that give extra moves in the levels.
  • Mushrooms: To fill your piggy bank with increasing amounts.
  • Virtual dollars that fill the piggy bank.
  • There are also offers from dwarves, which give gift points and help you progress.
  • Solo, Friends and World contests are all opportunities to have fun and win in Prize Fiesta.

Gift Prize Fiesta

Communities on Facebook are a plus for players. These are an opportunity to talk to winners, find tips and play with friends.

What is the Cave of Gifts in Prize Fiesta?

When you have $750 in your piggy bank, you can access the gift cave. Once your little pink pig is filled up, it’s time to discover your rewards! This is when you find out how many gift points you are going to need depending on what you choose. The best part is the quality of the gifts available in Prize Fiesta. You can choose a:·

  • Smart watch.·
  • Video game console.·
  • Latest-generation mobile phone.·
  • State-of-the-art flat-screen TV.·
  • Tablet.·
  • Smart speaker….

All of these rewards come from premium brands such as Apple, Samsung, Kenwood, and many more.

What is Prize Fiesta in short?

Prize Fiesta is a complete game. An entertaining pastime as soon as you start, with the added bonus of being able to win real gifts.

With regular practice of at least 10 minutes a day, fun and rewards are just around the corner.

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