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How Anna Alimani build her career in NYC

The fashion industry in New York City is most notoriously demanding and competitive all around the world. The famous Frank Sinatra said:

“Who makes it there can make it everywhere.” This happens because of the discipline, focus, and drive that is unparalleled in the industry. All of these mentioned criteria are accurately described in the gorgeous model Anna Alimani, 23-year-old.

Anna Alimani

Anna Alimani is a young model, actress, entrepreneur, and aspiring real estate agent. She got the business management certification when she was 21, from Purdue University. She is a rising star, a beautiful actress, and a signed model in the New York fashion industry. As her plans, she has decided to have her real estate firm to help and strengthen the ladies with the like-minded and strong passion. Currently, she is working as a part-time assistant at Berkshire Hathaway and will continue until she earned the certificate to build her firm. She has the skill to connect people with similar interests for business, ideas, and projects.

Her Modeling career

Anna Alimani has started her career as a model since she was 18. She modeled in New York and Los Angeles. For a few years, she has taken part in various fashion weeks; worked in music videos, worked with Guess campaigns, worked as a model for various leading magazines, for various covers she posed, in Canada Vogue, she has been featured recently.

In Los Angeles, she worked with two agencies; from there she earned plenty of work. According to Anna, modeling requires a lot of time and hard work. She has done quality work, with more fashion in this most serious fashion industry. According to Anna’s point of view, a lot of different things can be done with a career in New York if you discipline hard work, passion, time, and effort.

In the competitive industry of New York, she is working much focused these days. She did not try to appear pretty and smiley in front of the camera, in fact, there many other factors she put the focus on. She goes into catwalk classes and also exhibits on Instagram what she eats and how she exercises.

Today, she’s working harder than ever to establish herself in the competitive industry. “I don’t just show up to look pretty and smile for the camera. It’s a lot more than that,” Anna explains. “I’ve had to go to catwalk classes, and I also have to brand my Instagram, watch what I eat… exercise. It’s not easy.”

She is just working hard to excel in the fashion industry; she doesn’t get afraid of hard work. As everything is on hold in this pandemic situation, Anna said that it’s the time to reflect the modeling goals. Now to enhance the exposure, she is trying to think of being signed with the major agencies in the industry.

Grabbing opportunities

Anna is trying to grab every opportunity, she goes through. She is working hard to cultivate her objectives and the spirits. There’s a lot of restriction in this pandemic situation in new York city. But instead of wasting her time, she is spending it on productive activities. She is working to enhance her skills and study. According to Anna, this is a great time for her to increase her knowledge, as knowledge never ends up.

What she likes

As she loves real estate, she acquired an online license on real estate. She has a huge passion for real estate. She also had a license in real estate from California. However; she didn’t have a license from New York.

She is trying to boost the modeling skills and her presence on Instagram. That is why she got a real estate certificate so that she can acquire a real estate show, like Million Dollar Listing. She explained that she loves both ends of the spectrum at the same time; she loves reality TV shows, she loves to interact with people, she also loves entertainment, she also likes facing the camera, and on the other side the business side is also her passion.

Educational background of Anna Alimani

From Purdue University, she got a degree in Business management. To increase the certificates in financial series she acquired the certificates from Switzerland, and the University of Geneva, to increase her understanding about financial marketing.

She is also planning to start certification in understanding long term investment strategies. The series follows up certifications.

Competition in the global fashion industry

Competition is there in both the real estate and fashion industry and Anna is capable enough to face the competition. In the international beauty Pageant Miss Elite’s world, she is appearing to represent the United States. The final of the event was going to be held in April, but because of this pandemic situation, it is extended to December. The event would be held in Egypt, Cairo.

Anna stated that she is very excited about the event. She claimed that girls participating in the event are well known to her and are like her family, as she contacted her on Zoom calls. There would a beauty camp held before the actual competition. They all get trainers for their personal experts on the catwalk who guide them to walk and how to represent them in competition. During the period they will stay in a luxurious hotel. She is expecting to have great fun during this period, and also a huge exposure, publicity, and huge collection of photos.


Anna is a glamorous option for both either it is a New York fashion or stage of Miss Elite. She is just a beautiful combination of European Eastern beauty in the decade. She has a beautiful face, with a cultivated sense of business. However; she is very beautiful and cut above the others, and there is no doubt in it. She has the maturity to work for many years, her mysterious allure and ethics in work are undoubtedly raising her in the competitive industry of New York Fashion. Also; she posts her fashion work and great photos on her instagram profile:


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