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Historical Data Reveals The Growing Trends Of The HGV Industry

In an era of rapid change and enormous challenges, the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) industry stands out as an example of resilience, adaptability, and progress. The industry’s growing trend not only implies strong economic activity but also introduces new opportunities and considerations for stakeholders.

A Demand-Driven Expansion

Data from a previous in-depth analysis by Logistics UK highlights the many advantages of a career as an HGV driver and demonstrates positive tendencies.

According to the statistics, the number of functional HGV tests completed in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 43% when compared to the same period in 2019. The month of March 2022 saw an outstanding performance, with a record-breaking 10,481 tests completed, yielding an astonishing 60% completion rate.

Aside from these optimistic results, HGV driver pay has increased considerably. Salary advertisements for individuals capable of operating heavy trucks increased by 25% overall in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same time the previous year. This increase is intended to attract new drivers while also retaining current employees, highlighting the company’s commitment to growth and productivity.

Given the continuous driver shortage, this profession is on the rise, making it an enticing option for anybody searching for a career change or new challenges at work.

Technology and Innovation

Alternative fuels and electricity HGVs will transform the industry by reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Advances in battery technology, charging infrastructure, and fuel cell technology will hasten the adoption of cleaner, more sustainable transportation options.

However, there has been major fleet management uncertainty in recent years over the real date municipal governments set their fleets. According to research, 46% of English local authorities have yet to set a date for this.

Furthermore, the study found that 80% of local governments had at least one electric car in their fleet. Nottingham City Council has electrified 34.9% of its fleet, whereas Leeds City Council, Kingston, West Sussex County Council, and Winchester City Council have electrified 20% or more.

Emphasis on Training and Qualification

As the HGV industry has grown, there has been a renewed emphasis on HGV training courses and qualifications. Driver training is not only required by law, but it is also a great asset in terms of safety and efficiency.

HGV driver training emphasises the need to reduce fatigue via frequent rest and scheduling. Weariness is a major cause of car accidents, and well-trained drivers are more likely to detect the signs of weariness and take the necessary breaks to stay alert.

When previous data on HGV driving accidents is incorporated, this becomes considerably more relevant. Previous data showed that one out of every four truck drivers involved in reported HGV crashes failed to look properly, and one out of every seven was unable to properly judge the other driver’s path or speed—factors that could be mitigated if appropriate measures to improve driver safety and wellbeing were in place.

The South East has the most dangerous roads in the UK, with an average of 198 HGV traffic fatalities there each year. Kent topped the list of counties, followed by Lincolnshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, and Essex.


The growing HGV industry is more than simply a figure; it is a triumph against hardship, a demonstration of flexibility, and a symbol of economic health. From creating job opportunities to driving technical innovation, the sector is at the forefront of impacting the future.

This growth, however, is not without challenges. The sector must continue to invest in training, embrace technology, and manage the current economic environment intelligently. In an uncertain world, the resilient HGV sector demonstrates human ingenuity and economic persistence. Its long-term success will be contingent on collaboration, strategic thinking, and a commitment to quality.

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