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High Seas Season 2 is Arriving on Netflix this November with Another Bloody Chapter!

High Seas Season 2 will release on 22 November 2019, only on Netflix. Another chapter amid the revelation of mysterious deaths over the sea is on the way to hype chills.

High Seas is a Spanish drama series which airs on Netflix follows the timeline, 1940. By Genre, High Seas is a mystery drama. So, clearly, High Seas follows a mystery and that’s nothing else than death mysteries over the sea in a ship.

In High Seas Season 1, we followed the journey of two sisters, sisters Eva and Carolina to solve the murder mystery of their father on a ship. Meanwhile, they come across with more mysterious deaths which dug the series deep into the darks of mystery.

The mysterious deaths on a luxury cruise ship from Spain to Brazil are not less than a bizarre shock. Solely, one season wasn’t enough to cover the whole mystery and yes, it needed another run.

So, here it is. High Seas Season 2 will arrive on Netflix by the end of the year as I stated above. The date is fixed and that’s 22nd November 2019. 

High Seas Season 2 will hype the intensity and dug us deep into the mystery drama amid more deaths, bloodshed, and also the most important, the revelation of truth. 


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