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Here Are the Best Moments of the 103rd Season of NFL to Look Back

The last 2022-2023 season of the National Football League (NFL) has brought fans several exciting and memorable moments. Significant changes took place during the season, including the retirement of the star player Tom Brady.

Aside from that, several records have been surpassed and made, and the Super Bowl LVII also speaks for itself. If you’ve missed a few of them or want to walk down memory lane, here’s a list of a few of the best moments of the NFL.

Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson Moment of the Year Winner

From NFL team odds, to the MVP player of the season, who would expect that the Vikings wide receiver Justn Jefferson would win the Moment of the Year? One of the best moments during the last 2022-2023 season of the NFL was the event that made Justin Jefferson the Moment of the Year winner.

The Minnesota Vikings player made a memorable one-handed catch against the Buffalo Bills last November 14, 2022 (Week 10), showcasing his skills as the best receiver in the league. When the Bills were leading 27-23 in the fourth quarter, Jefferson made an excellent catch on 4th-and-18 from Minnesota’s 27-yard line to surpass the Bills.

Justin Jefferson successfully led the NFL with 1809 yards and 128 catches last season. On top of that, fans and experts have claimed that this isn’t a one-time thing because Jefferson has been in the highs throughout the season.

Who knows how he’ll devour the field if he had the chance to play alongside Kirk Cousins as his quarterback?

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Injured Play

NFL fans have been claiming the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the new GOAT of the league after the retirement of the superstar player Tom Brady. People have compared the two players’ first six seasons.

Although Mahomes has one less Super Bowl than Brady, the former has earned more MVPs, All-Pro selections, more appearances in the AFC Championship, more wins, more touchdowns, fewer losses, and more. People are discussing what’s a more fitting title than being the new greatest.

Furthermore, Patrick Mahomes surprised many people after he was injured during Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles. During the second quarter, the QB re-injured his already bad ankle while he was taken down on a scramble attempt. Despite the entertaining performance of none other than Rihanna, fans and other watchers were left wondering, “Is he coming back?”

During the most important event of the year, the injured Mahomes showed up and continued to play, leading a 75-yard drive and a 10-play that opened up the second half, where the running back Isiah Pacheco made a touchdown.

Also, the QB continued to gain 14 more yards to reach the Philadelphia line. At this point, people who had witnessed his performance were even wondering whether he was even injured in the first place. Seeing it was a sight, and many fans were delighted and excited.

The Vikings: The Greatest Comeback in the Entire NFL History

The Minnesota Vikings didn’t only make noise through Jefferson, but during their game against the Indianapolis Colts last December 18, 2022, it has been considered the greatest comeback in the league’s history.

With the desperation to secure a home win to secure the NFC North Division crown, the Vikings will need to win over the Colts. However, this seemed an impossible feat after Indianapolis had a 33-point lead after a field goal and another point after a 17-yard interception by the Colts’ Julian Blackmon.

Then, the Vikings started to play their deficit with less than 20 minutes left. The team dropped a pair of third-quarter touchdowns, where placekicker Chase McLaughlin made a 52-yard field goal.

Not only that, but the Vikings continued to score three more touchdowns in the fourth quarter. QB Cousins then worked his magic by finding Cook, Jefferson, and Thielen for the significant, game-tying touchdowns and two-pointer that brought the game into overtime, where they successfully secured their title.

After their win, the team hosted a postseason game for the first time since 2017 after their famous Minneapolis Miracle divisional round win. Fans found this exciting and were overjoyed with the events that took place, which makes this fitting to be part of this list.

Super Bowl LVII Quick Start

The Super Bowl LVII last season was also one of the remarkable events that took place this year. In the past six seasons, the Super Bowl didn’t witness any score during the first six minutes of the event.

As the Eagles’ QB Hurts attempted a score, the Chiefs’ QB Mahomes didn’t hesitate to respond, blocked their attempt, and led his team to a 75-yard down the field on six plays, finding tight end Kelce to an 18-yard touchdown.

This event ended the streak since Super Bowl XXXII, where both Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos made touchdowns during their opening drives. Whether the next Super Bowl season will be able to continue this performance or not is something every fan should look forward to next year.

Final Thoughts

These are only a glimpse of how roller coaster and exciting the ride with the league has been last season. Moreover, the NFL teams will continue to present exciting games this year as well. You can expect much more as the teams prepare for the September 7, 2023 kickoff, where new records and stats will be made, and how else can you be part of NFL history than witness every event?

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