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Handmade Gift Ideas For Rakhi That Your Siblings Will Love

The tradition behind the festival of Raksha Bandhan might be old, but the way of celebrating the love of a brother-sister bond has certainly improved with time. Today, siblings not only celebrate their love for one another by tying rakhis but also giving thoughtful and amazing gifts to each other that mark their bond and make them feel extra special. Today, with the modern traditions of celebrating Raksha Bandhan, both brothers and sisters make each other feel special and delighted with amazing Handmade Gift Ideas For Rakhi. So, if you are planning to give something different and special, we would say, along with buying rakhi gifts online, you can pair them with beautiful handmade gift Ideas such as personalized photo frames that will utterly delight them like never before.

DIY Ottoman:

Who does not appreciate an extra seating option in their house when it is equally beautiful and makes a statement. Make a beautiful ottoman using tyre and colourful ropes and cloth and this will surely make for the perfect quirky addition to your brother’s living room, making it look more cozy and comfortable. All you need is a spare tyre, a rope, and some amazing colours and fabric that will add all the statements to the interiors. here you can consider the personalized photo frame again for Handmade Gift Ideas For Rakhi.

DIY Fridge Magnets:

Equally adorable and amazing, fridge magnets are a trendy gift to give to your brothers and sisters, especially on Raksha Bandhan. You can make colourful fridge magnets and write funny and catchy Raksha Bandhan based quotes, dialogues and anything funny that depicts your sweet and sour relationship. You can also paste a  photograph of you and your brother on it and all you need is awesome cardboard, some small magnets and your fridge magnets will be ready within a few hours.

DIY Lamp:

A lamp that will not only adorn the beauty of your sibling’s room but also remind them of your unconditional love, seems to be the perfect gift choice for Raksha Bandhan. Though easy to make, this lamp will surely add a lovely touch to any room and you can make one using an old glass bottle, or a used bottle of alcohol since they are extremely stylish. You can add fairy lights and pictures and style it your own way.

DIY Mug:

We understand that mugs are pretty cliche when it comes to gifting your siblings something special on Raksha Bandhan. But, what if you customize a mug for them? All you need is a plain white mug, a primer, some acrylic paints, a set of brushes and of course your creativity. DIY mugs look adorable and also express your unconditional love for your siblings in a unique way. Personalized photo frames will add perfection to your life.

DIY Candle:

A beautiful scented and aromatic candle brings positivity and good vibes and also relaxes you from your day’s stress. So, what not to make a DIY candle for your siblings that will also make for a great decor item. The thought of making a candle might seem daunting but believe us, it is not that hard. All you need is a  jar, some wax and wick, and some fragrant essential oils to create a fragrant candle.

DIY Bookmark:

If your sibling is a bibliophile, this DIY present is perfect for them. A bookmark is not only easy to make but also a gift of great utility. All you need to find are some colourful watercolour sheets, some paints and your creativity at its best. The perfect gift for a book lover, this will not only memorize your siblings but also make them feel special.

There are a lot of other handmade rakhi gift options that you can choose from to give to your siblings. However, believe it or not, there is no other Handmade Gift Ideas For Rakhi that can be compared to handmade gifts and if you really wish to give your siblings something unusual and special, handmade rakhi gifts are one of the best options.

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