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GTlot Review – The Right Platform to Start Trading

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Have you been giving some thought to starting a trading career? The financial markets have existed for decades now. And everyone has heard about people trading in the stock market or the foreign exchange market. You have also come across a number of success stories about people. Who have made fortunes by trading in these markets? While all of these were attractive before as well, They have grown more appealing over the years. Because the accessibility of these markets has improved. There was a time when trading involved a lot of obstacles and not everyone could clear them easily.

However, things are no longer the same. As technology and the dot-com bubble has resulted in the concept of online trading. Today, it is one of the biggest phenomena in the world and people are entering the financial markets left and right. Because the profit potential they can offer has absolutely no match. You don’t even have to trade full-time in order to reap the benefits. People are trading as a way to supplement their existing income, or as a way to secure their future. And even as a hobby. Regardless of your reasons, there are some things you need to know about this space.

Sure, trading in the financial markets can give you big rewards. But you need to know the pitfalls as well. Like other online spaces, this one also has its share of scams and shady schemes, which means there is a risk. That you could end up losing everything if you are not careful. You will be faced with this challenge when you start looking for a broker. They are a very important component of the trading process. Because they are the key that unlocks the financial markets for you. How else will you connect and make your trades? They provide you the platforms, resources, tools, features, and everything else you could possibly need during trading.

What is the problem?

You see the issue when you start looking for a broker and find. That there are literally hundreds of options at your disposal. In fact, these numbers continue to swell every day. And this can make it overwhelming for traders to be able to single out one company they want to choose. You could just close your eyes and pick one out of a hat. But this is where the risk of shady and scam brokers pops up. Not all platforms are legitimate or are capable of providing quality and dependable trading services.

Since you have to trust them to handle your money and your information. You cannot afford to make the wrong choice here. This means learning not to fall for big claims and doing your due diligence. So, you find the right partner for your trading needs. One of the options. That will fit this bill is GTlot, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was founded by Major Technologies LTD. This is a registered platform that caters to global traders. And is providing comprehensive services to traders from all walks of life. Take a look at what makes GTlot the right partner for you:

What is GTlot?

An amazing website is hampered by incompetent staff and insufficient technology. Gtlot may be a disappointing experience. It makes it frustrating to use compared to its competition. Considering one’s money is at stake, it’s best to avoid losing it for no reason. It’s a manual trading application, which in and of itself isn’t a good quality to possess. But Gtlot doesn’t properly lead its investors into the proper areas. Its training academy is rudimentary, as is that the staff’s expertise in financial matters. Regardless of how an individual looks at it, it’s as clear as day that Gtlot may be a vastly overrated website designed to lure potential clients through a reasonable interface. And a couple of lovely words people wish to listen to.

Helping you diversify

The first thing that makes GTlot a good broker for any trader is the fact. That they allow their clients to diversify. When you take a look at their asset index. You will find that there are more than 300 trading instruments that are available and they belong to different financial markets. This ensures that every trader can find something to trade according to their risk tolerance. And will be able to earn the kind of profits they are after. Some of the categories that you will be able to explore on this platform are:

Stocks: Often regarded as synonymous with trading, the stock market is laden with opportunities. And enable traders to invest in some of the world’s biggest companies in order to reap profits. You can trade stocks of companies, such as Google, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, VISA, PayPal, and Facebook.

Commodities: One of the oldest markets that have existed is none other than commodities and there are different types of commodities that can be traded. GTlot allows traders to invest in soft ones like coffee, cocoa, sugar, and corn, along with hard ones like gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. These can offer a consistent return to traders and are comparatively low risk.

Forex: The world’s biggest market is none other than the foreign exchange market and it comprises thousands of currency pairs that can be traded, including major and minor ones. USD/RUB, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/NZD and USD/CHF are just some of the options that traders can explore.

Indices: While the stock market deals with individual stocks, the indices market focuses on a combination of stocks. GTlot has added the world’s top indices to its offerings like NASDAQ, S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE, CAC, DAX, and Nikkei.

Cryptocurrencies: One of the most-demanded trading instruments these days are cryptocurrencies and their volatile nature has made them extremely profitable. Traders are investing in this left and right and you can find some of the most profitable options here, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, NEM, Monero, and more.

Along with these options, GTlot also lets its clients’ trade bonds and ETFs, which means you will not have any shortage of opportunities here for diversifying your portfolio.

Ensuring your safety

Anyone who uses the internet is aware that there are cyber criminals out there who can steal your personal information or even your hard-earned money at the smallest opportunity. When you decide to trade online and sign up with a broker, you have to trust the company with sensitive data and your funds. This leaves you exposed to cyberattacks and can cause people to worry a lot. If you are constantly stressing over your safety, you definitely wouldn’t be able to focus on your trading and can end up making mistakes.

This is where GTlot has ensured that you can trade in a safe environment and not have to worry constantly. They have implemented appropriate security measures that are aimed at protecting your money, as well as your personal and sensitive data. They follow the practice of account segregation for keeping their clients’ funds, which means separate accounts are maintained for traders and company funds are not mixed with them. This can reduce the possibility of misappropriation. As far as the safety of information is concerned, they have used advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping all sensitive data away from outsiders.

Apart from that, you will also find that GTlot complies with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) security policies, which are aimed at reducing the risk of identity theft, terrorist financing, and money laundering and financial fraud. Under these policies, traders are asked to provide some documentation for proof of ID and proof of address. For the former, you can submit a national ID card, driver’s license or your international passport. For the latter, you can provide a utility bill, like gas, water or electricity, or a bank statement that shows your name and address. These documents will be verified before you are allowed to make any transactions.

Easy trading solutions

One of the most crucial features of an online broker is the trading platform they provide to you. This connects you to the financial markets and gives you the tools needed for making your trades. The kind of platform you are provided will vary from company to company, due to which every trader will have a different experience. When it comes to GTlot, they have kept the convenience and ease of their clients in mind and have opted to provide them with a proprietary trading platform that doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed. Instead, it is an online platform that’s accessible through their website.

This allows users to move seamlessly between devices because the trading platform will work on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, whatever device you wish to use. Apart from that, GTlot has also put in the effort to ensure that their platform delivers ultra-fast trading execution, which means your trades are executed right away and you can see the results. You can also enjoy the benefits of one-click trading and take advantage of the ton of trading tools that have been incorporated on the platform.

You will find advanced charting systems that can make it easy to track trends and movements, price alerts that inform you about changes. The trading signals that can identify opportunities, and the latest market news. You can also trade directly from the charts on GTlot. The platform is highly intuitive and designed to suit both beginners and experienced traders alike. This is not where the options stop either because you will also find that mobile trading apps are also provided. These have been separately developed for Android and iOS platforms, so you can download them according to your preference. With these apps, you can enjoy trading on the move and not have to be restricted because of your location.

Payments made simple

It is understood that investment is required to begin trading in the financial markets. When you avail of any broker’s services, you would be expected to invest some funds to start trading. But, the question is how? To be able to add your funds to your trading account, you have to look at what payment methods have been provided to you. GTlot has made payments simple and quick for their clients. They not only let their clients deposit their funds without any hassle, but they can also withdraw the same way and not have to wait for days to get their hands on the profits they have made.

When you check out the payment options supported at GTlot, you will notice that they range from traditional to modern. This is to facilitate all kinds of traders and provide them with secure and convenient options to explore. You can use the option of debit and credit cards for this purpose and a variety of them are supported, such as Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard. There are online payment solutions like Neteller and Skrill that can also come in handy and are very quick. Traders can go with bank wire transfers if that’s what seems easy to them.

You will come to know that GTlot doesn’t charge any commission on deposits or withdrawals, which is a plus. The processing time for your transactions can depend on the method you use. As far as supported currencies are concerned, you can choose between GBP, USD, and EUR.

Round-the-clock support

Support is necessary for every online business because you never know when clients may encounter a problem. It is even more vital during online trading because delays can result in hefty losses for traders. They would obviously want to get answers to their questions right away or get their problem resolved. It could be an issue with the trading platform, a trading tool, or any procedure. Support options vary from company to company and GTlot proves that it is the right fit because they have offered round-the-clock support to their clients.

If you take a look at the Contact Us section on their website, you will come to see that they are offering several channels that can be used to contact their team. Their agents are available 24/6 to assist traders and you can reach out to them by giving them a call on the phone number provided, sending in an email, or scheduling a callback by filling out the online contact form that you will find. They have a multilingual staff to cater to traders from different parts of the world and they are knowledgeable and friendly. Rather than vague responses, they will provide you with clear solutions in order to ensure 100% satisfaction.

You can also add a ton of educational resources to the mix, top-notch trading conditions, and easy account opening process, and see that GTlot is a great choice for your trading needs.

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