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Reportedly from wbir and other top television stations of Knoxville, a tiger sighted on Forks of the River Industrial Park in Knoxville TN. The tiger sighted before midnight, and after that, a trap got set which later removed as there were no hints or other sightings of the Knoxville tiger appeared. The trap which used for the tiger was a Humane bear trap, and on the inside, some grocery store chicken was hanging with the help of this trap tiger heave was planned. But the search for the tiger is still going on.

Tiger Spotted:

Here are all the details of the tiger spotted:

In Knoxville, TN, the tiger was first spotted before midnight on Wednesday near Forks of the River Industrial Park. As the Knoxville Country’s Sheriff deputy officer caught the first sight of the tiger and informed the wildlife servers. Since then, local law enforcement  teamed up with their representatives. So they can locate the tiger as fast as they can. The authorities and management teams were all there. And spent the whole night wandering around the entire area in search of the tiger. But there were no signs shown till the next morning.

The spokeswoman of the Knoxville Zoo came forward confirmed. All the tigers in the zoo accounted for and they have no news or anything reported regarding any missing tiger. The Knoxville Country’s Sheriff Office has issued Be On The Lookout (BOLO) order. Also, they are asking the public that if anybody has any hint or news regarding the tiger. They should come forward and pass the information to the authorities. So, they can safely rescue the tiger to the tiger haven. Officials working there say that they have the proper equipment for catching the tiger and loading the tiger. It is to take it to the tiger haven safely.


The Wildlife agency has confirmed that if the tiger captured, it will then safely rescued to the tiger haven. Several other organizations with the assistance of Tiger Haven personnel are looking for the whereabouts, origins or any sign of the tiger.

The Sheriff deputy officer who first saw the tiger said that it was a tiger cub which was about 4-6 months old. He was not exactly sure about that. But he confirmed that it was a tiger cub. After all the description of the tiger given sanctuary, Tiger haven told that it would definitely be a juvenile(young) tiger if the description given is correct.

When the officer confirmed the first sighting of the tiger, there was a trap set. That was a Humane bear trap and some grocery store chicken was hanging in the trap. It is to tempt the tiger and for tiger heave. But when there no hints like hair, origins spotted and was no activity than the trap got removed. But the search for the tiger is still going on.


All the safety precautions have been taken by the authorities to keep the people safe and sound who are living near the areas where the tiger spotted. Obviously, in Tennessee State, keeping the tigers in the house is illegal. But according to the official’s people inspired by movies and other things have their interest in tigers and keep them as pets.

People living around are alert and are taking all necessary precautions they should take.

When the news of initial sight of the tiger started revolving, and everybody was alarmed, a woman came forward. She told the authorities about her, one friend, also working in the same Forks of the River Industrial Park saw the tiger once wandering there in the park. After she claimed about the glimpse of the tiger. it was all confirmed, and the Knoxville Police, Knox Country’s Sheriff Officers, Animal control and Knoxville Wildlife Service all are in search of the tiger.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, tigers do not naturally exist in Knoxville. Also, the spokeswoman of the Knoxville Zoo confirmed that all the tigers in the zoo accounted for. And there were no reports of the lost tiger and anything like that. So the officials are still unsure from where did the tiger come from?

With all the precautions as the search was going on, there was no sign of the tiger and BOLO alert issued. Again another sight of the tiger claimed. A woman living near Thorngrove Pike told that she spotted a tiger in her backyard.

It is huge news all the top television stations like wbir, and another also gave the breaking news about the second unconfirmed sight of the tiger. And the search for the tiger is still going on.

Final Words:

As the search is going on and there is no possibility found of a tiger existing in Knoxville. And also there is no sign like hair, whereabouts and origins found. An expert from Knoxville zoo said that there might be no tiger and people are mistaking a bobcat or cougar as a tiger. He added that he is not discounting what the Sheriff Officer saw there might be a tiger. And it might be mistaken. The expert said this because according to him, people shared the picture of bobcats a few times claiming it was a tiger. So it is possible that there is no tiger and there might be an animal which can harm people. People keep these tigers illegally in their houses, farms as pets knowing that this is a dangerous animal.

The official also told people not to take the news lightly. There might be a tiger which might be hiding there in the woods and is not making any moves right now. It might move in dark or whatever, it’s wild nature. You never know such safety measures a sure thing as there is still nothing confirmed about the Knoxville tiger. And the search for the tiger with all preparations and precautions are going on.

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