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Face Makeup Essentials for Every Beginners-MyGlamm

Face Makeup Essentials for Every Beginner – MyGlamm

There are many who are Face makeup novices and there are many who have kept experimenting with their cosmetics for more than years. For them, it is very much needed to have the major makeup essentials for beginners so that they can create their everyday look.

Now, when it comes to face makeup, exactly what are the essentials that one needs to keep in their makeup box so that they can do their face makeup without facing a single flaw? Here are a few things that one must add to their makeup kitty:

Face Primer

A lot of people think that face primer is not at all necessary in their regular makeup routine. They are wrong because they are vitals. The effect on the skin and the makeup both and it helps the skin to look smooth and the makeup also stays fresh all day long. Each and every skin tone has a separate primer and one can also look for primers that can control moisture, acne and uneven tones.


This is a must when it comes to face makeup and at the same time, it is the hardest to find the right match. Also one has to apply them rightly. There are enough varieties like natural, sheer, full and medium and one has to choose them according to their skin type and undertones. It is a good idea to go to a makeup store and ask an expert to pick up the right shade for you if you are buying it for the first time. One also needs to think about what type of foundation they would like to apply; cream, liquid or powder.

BB Cream

As a regular face makeup, one must have a BB cream in their makeup kitty. This can keep the face more natural-looking. They have moisturizers in it which can keep the skin soft and some BB creams have built-in primers. In fact, as per many makeup experts if someone is absolutely new to the makeup world then one can easily start off with a good BB cream instead of a foundation. But yes, they come with limited shade ranges and hence on must not find the right match all the time.


Do you have dark circles, acne or any kind of discoloration on the skin? If yes, then a good concealer can provide full coverage for that. If one wants to use a concealer for discoloration and acne then they need to choose something which is closest to the shade of the BB cream or the foundation.

One can always put blush on their face as they have a great effect on their overall look. One must not leave them when they are going out for an evening party. Blush can come in variations like cream, gel, and powder and they are very popular.

Translucent setting powder

By using this, one can set the overall face makeup. This can control the shine of the face and if one has an oily T zone then this can bring on a shine busting setting. This is also great when it comes to covering up the blemishes any kind of discoloration the face has. One can apply the foundation on the problem spot and then set it with the powder on top of it. One can do this with the combination of a concealer and the powder as well.

Eye Liner and Mascara For Face Makeup

In order to get prominent eyes, these 2 things are a must because if the eyes are not prominent enough, then the face does not look enhancing. One can put basic black eyeliner or can go for some regular shades like dark brown or electric blue. But when it comes to mascara, it is always a good idea to stick to the basics for the beginners. One can easily go for the volume defining ones because it can make the lashes look longer. But one must not overdo it when it comes to using mascara. This might make the lashes look unnatural and too much drama.

Lipstick Makeup

One must enhance the lips with some colors in order to make the face makeup look complete. One can choose any variations of lipsticks like gloss, tint, matte or stain so that one can have a complete look with some well-defined lips. Now, which color to choose will completely depend on the time of the day, the skin and lip complexion and of course the entire face makeup pattern. If one is feeling bold then they must choose some deep red, wine, hot pink pr other colors. Or else they can simply go for some nude brown or pink shades for the go.

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