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Eight employee gift ideas for their return to the office

As summer sadly departs and Christmas draws ever nearer, some of the more ‘on the ball’ among us are already rushing to find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. However, when it comes to your work colleagues, especially if you’re in a managerial position, gifts are often a last-minute thought.

If anything, choosing gifts for employees is much more difficult, as you want to keep it professional while getting them something that they will hopefully appreciate. For many of us, this winter will be our first return to working from an office environment after a long spell of working from home amid the pandemic, so there’s extra importance this year in how we all show our gratitude.

Food for thought

Christmas is a time of indulgences, but not everyone can drink alcohol or eat sugary foods. An office fruit basket is a great gift idea and one that a colleague and their whole family can enjoy. In fact, many office workers prefer gifts that are consumable rather than adding more knick-knacks to their collections! You can get your free quote for office fruit baskets here with Fruitful Office if interested.

Self-care packages

While many people love consumable gifts, you can’t go wrong with cozy items at Christmas time. Soft blankets and scented candles make for beautiful presents that can be enjoyed by all. Comfy socks are always a winner too. You can now gift bamboo sock subscriptions across the globe with the click of a button, check it out here.

Spa certificate

Gift certificates in general make for great gifts, but a spa gift certificate goes one step further, treating your employees to a luxurious spa experience. We recommend providing plenty of flexibility in the spa options available, allowing the recipient to choose how hands-on (or off!) they want their experience to be.


People love the latest gadgets, and electronics such as tablets, smartwatches, and high-quality headphones make for fantastic gifts that everyone will love. Even if it’s something they already own, people will appreciate being able to re-gift the item to a friend or family member – so you’ve saved them a Christmas shopping headache!


Simple, but effective – the gift of paid time off is something every employee will appreciate. This is valuable either before Christmas so they can get some shopping and chores done, or over the Christmas period so they can spend more time with loved ones.

Memorable keepsakes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show colleagues you care. In fact, something inexpensive but thoughtful can mean so much more than a fancy gift. Items such as nice mugs or glasses can be used for years, and are made special with initials or team motifs.

A thoughtful note

While ideally, this would accompany a gift, adding a thoughtful note is just as important, and certainly more meaningful. People really appreciate when their boss takes the time to call out their excellent work or the ways in which they have made a major impact. It will ensure your co-workers start their Christmas on a high note.


It may not be unique, but it will definitely be appreciated! A Christmas bonus is a welcome perk in every paycheque, and it gives your employees the freedom to purchase what they want or need themselves.

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