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Easily Record HD Videos Using iTop Screen Recorder

When videos are becoming more and more popular today, do you want to easily record your own videos in high quality without too many professional skills? If yes, you are in the right place. In fact, all you need is a screen recorder.

However, there is a plethora of screen recording software available. Which one should I use? Are they paid or unpaid? How about the output video quality? Can I record anything I want, even Zoom meetings or TV shows?

Here comes an amazing screen recording software called iTop Screen Recorder.

About iTop Screen Recorder

You can record your Windows displays, video games, or anything else for free with iTop Screen Recorder, with no time limit or watermark. Initially developed by the product development company IObit and currently maintained by iTop, iTop Screen Recorder is a free solution to all your video recording problems that raise the bar for video recording.

It helps you capture screen grabs without any issues and record screen recordings that are smooth and crisp. You may alter the size of your recording screen with the iTop Screen Recorder. You may concurrently record video from your camera and computer. It is OK to record video calls, create YouTube tutorials or guides, and take advantage of game features with almost no slack.

The recorder is created with gaming in mind. With a configurable goal, quality, and FPS, iTop Screen Recorder maintains game screens in the best possible condition.

It is a much-upgraded tool that, unexpectedly, uses less memory and only 10% of the processing power in your computer to record and preserve videos in the highest possible quality.

And here are some pros of this screen recorder:

  • Watermark absent
  • Zero promotions
  • No time limit
  • easily utilizable
  • fantastic objective
  • Make recordings with a webcam.
  • record video games with almost minimal slack
  • Just one checkbox to save screenshots
  • Various screen and video recording settings
  • Several Results designs
  • Modification after recording

How to Record Videos with iTop Screen Recorder

Everyone can use iTop Screen Recorder since it is so simple to set up and operate. There are a few actions you may take to quickly get the application to record your screen after successfully downloading and launching it.

You should keep capturing your screen using the following methods:

  1. After launch, the alternative iTop Screen Recorder path will be available in your workspace. Tap twice to launch the application.
  2. Using the “Select a District” option on the program’s main connection point, decide whether you want to record the entire screen or only a portion of it.
  3. To record the sound as well, turn on the Speaker option. You may also enable the MIC and select the option to see your mouse on the recorded screen.
  4. Eventually, a red recording button will appear. Press it to start screen-capturing.
  5. While recording, a floating overlay is visible on the screen that you may use to pause or stop the recording at any time. It also features a quick button for quickly taking a screenshot of the video.
  6. Your video will be saved appropriately when you complete the recording, and you may access it from the Video Rundown menu.

If you want to modify the video objective, outlines per second, video quality, or yield layout of the stored document, go to the Recording Settings tab. There, you may also adjust the sound file’s layout and save your document in the appropriate location.

If you don’t want to install software on your computer, iTop also offers an online screen recorder for you to easily capture your browser’s activities. You may start recording the records online without logging in to the record if you have the most current versions of programs like Chrome, Firefox, Show, and so on.

iTop Screen Recorder’s Amazing Features

iTop Screen Recorder comes up with a tonne of fantastic highlights. By offering equivalent services for practically free, it competes with pricey screen recorders.

Some of iTop Screen Recorder’s eye-catching features are listed below:

  1. Moving screen capture
  2. Recording audio or no sound
  3. Make sure to record the recordings in HD.
  4. Take screenshots while recording.
  5. Grab both the game screen as well as the camera at the same time.
  6. The Different Result Arrangements
  7. Unintentional proofreader

The Bottom Line

The world will be a video world from 2023. No matter who you are, making a video is becoming more and more important today. And the simplest way to achieve that is to use a screen recorder. Are you ready to record something? Go to get iTop Screen Recorder and start recording each valuable moment on your screen.

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