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Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate

Legal terminologies seem to be quite tricky, tough, and challenging. Common people find it much tough to understand these. However, the most commonly used that all the people would surely have heard is lawyer and advocate. Many people consider that both are synonyms of each other. Hence, they use both of these words interchangeably. There are various subcategories of a lawyer. The microanalysis analysis reveals that enormous terms come under the category of a lawyer, which includes solicitor, attorney, etc. So let us rush towards the lawyer and view that how it differs from the advocate. Let’s learn the Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate.

Lawyer VS Advocate

Who is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who has not completed his LLB degree yet. He is not a qualified one and can be easily described as the one who is pursuing his law degree. He is an LLB student and is not eligible to practice until he finishes his studies. It is necessary for oneself to equip himself with the LLB degree to fight the case in court. A lawyer is not eligible to take any case and fight for it in court. He cannot stand in court for his clients.

Who is an Advocate?

It is the most commonly used term in the United Kingdom. Besides this, it is also frequently used by Commonwealth Nations. On the contrary, the term lawyer is most often used in the USA. The person who is capable and eligible to stand in the court and put his point in front of a judge is known as an advocate. He can publically recommend or supports any policy or cause. He can have his own opinions to share and present well in front of a judge. 


Advocate is the next step of a lawyer. When the lawyer spends his tenure of LLB and gains the law degree, then he can become an advocate. There are several important duties of an advocate that include respecting the court and representing the case quietly, politely, and humanly to the court. He is responsible for speaking just from his client-side. 

Moreover, he is capable enough to give legal advice when required. An advocate can do any litigation, and his duties vary as per his type. The different type of lawyers is criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, corporate lawyer, employment lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, estate planning lawyer, personal injury lawyer, etc. 

In different countries, different words are used for legal personnel. Some call them lawyers, while others call them an advocate. Advocate term is used in the USA while it is much common in South Africa, Scotland, etc.

In a Nutshell

The lawyer practices the law once he completes his study. When the lawyer accomplishes his study and has a client, then he becomes an advocate. He can present his services for protecting the masses. The ability to argue and give logical reasoning to the court is his prime responsibility. Suppose he fails to do so, then he will lose the case, which will ultimately leave a negative impact on his career. All the legal proceedings and terms are cleared to advocate, and he is capable of gaining as much experience as he can. 


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