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Developmental Issues In Children: Genetic Issues Explained

Development problems or issues stand out like an umbrella term for developmental delays. It is described as a continuous delay, which is taking place within a child’s age-specific developmental milestones. The developmental delays fall under many categories, which affect the ongoing functional developmental milestones. The majority of the developmental issues are diagnosed after the child’s 2nd birthday.

These issues or problems, related to a child’s development are caused due to rare genetic disorders or conditions. This can affect the social and emotional development of the child. Parents can easily determine the actual cause or disorder through Genetic Counselling that will help in identifying the disorder your child is dealing with.

Type of development delays or issues in children

Many pediatric professionals have stated that several developmental delays occur within a child. These delays will have an impact on the child’s behavioral, physical, and communication skills. To know what these issues or delays are, check the information below.

Cognitive Delays:

The cognitive delays or problems will affect the intellectual functioning of the child. It will also interfere with the awareness and give birth to learning difficulties, which becomes apparent after the child starts going to school. Cognitive delays will cause difficulties in playing and interacting with others. Delays like this take place when a child has experienced an injury in the brain due to an infection.

Chromosomal disorders, shaken baby syndrome, and seizure disorders will also affect the intellectual development of the child. Apart from that, down syndrome can also increase the dangers of cognitive delays within a child.

Speech Delays:

Some speech delays are known as receptive language disorders. The child finds it difficult to understand concepts or words. Children who suffer from this particular speech delay will also face issues in identifying shapes, colors, or body parts. Other types of speech delays fall under the category of expressive language disorders, where the child has reduced complex sentences and vocabulary of words.

Children who suffer from expressive language disorder will be pretty slow when making sentences, babbling, and talking. On certain occasions, a child who has speech layers will suffer from expressive and receptive delays.

Motor Delays:

When there is a delay in motor skills, it will have a massive impact on the child’s ability to coordinate a large muscle group, such as small muscles, etc. Infants who suffer from gross motor delays will find it difficult to crawl or roll over. Older children who carry motor delays will feel clumsy or will experience issues when walking up and down the stairs.

But children who have fine motor delays, will not have much power to hold onto objects and items, such as toys, or doing work like tying up the shoelaces or brushing their teeth. Several motor delays occur due to genetic conditions, such as muscular dystrophy, achondroplasia, and cerebral palsy.


Developmental delays or issues are persistent, ongoing, and will not go away on their own. You must opt for immediate medical care when you are child is experiencing seizures, difficulty breathing, severe vomiting, and a rapid heart. Providing proper medical treatment will keep your child under excellent condition. Make sure to consult it with a trusted and reliable doctor who will point you towards the right treatment.

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