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Creative Wall Decor Ideas

Walls have ears, and eyes too. They convey a lot about your lifestyle. As such, it makes sense to spend some time transforming your bare walls into something interesting. However, if you can’t figure out what to put and what to not, read our guide for inspiration. It’s time to characterize your blank walls with eclectic decor options – so let’s dive in!

Hanging Plants:

Plants can beautify any space, even your walls. Hanging plants in artful arrangements will infuse an element of greenery in your space. It will almost add a 3D effect to your walls. Layer in tiers or just place one against the wall – you have a myriad of options to showcase your personality and style.

A large scale wall painting art:

An oversized simple wall painting art will garner attention and will set the tone for the entire room decor. It will pull off a balanced crisp look in a harmonious manner. A large wall painting hung at eye level will benefit by enhancing the room’s spaciousness. Also, it will accord your room an accentuated look.

Patterned Wallpaper:

In addition to displaying objects on the wall, you can also opt to decorate the wall with bright patterned wallpapers or stencils. These decorative accents can introduce a bigger impact even in a small space. By installing wallpapers you can accord a custom look to your room. Moreover, they can be easily removed or swapped, as per seasons and your mood.

Decorative Mirrors:

This is one of the simplest ways to maximize the impact of any space. An oversized decorative mirror can be used in multiple ways for decor purposes. Hang it alone as a statement piece or use it as a piece on a gallery wall – a mirror is sure to strike an appealing statement. But their style is not the thing that makes mirrors admirable. They also have the potential to make a small room appear bigger due to their reflecting properties.


People are crazy about the statement that wall plates can make. Introducing pops of color handmade decorative wall plates are simple aesthetic choices to go for. Their simplistic charm will leave onlookers in awe. The wall plates work well with all sorts of decor settings. Plus, they look equally appealing in all rooms. Whether you use them as an anchor above your bed in a bedroom or as a focal piece in the living room, the wall plates prove to radiate the style that you’ll fall in love with.

Basket Wall: 

Yet another uber cool idea to lend your bare walls an interesting touch. A matching or contrasting arrangement of baskets will style your walls in an exquisite way. Hang a single basket or mix match them in different sizes or ways with their natural vibe baskets will add an eclectic touch to your home decor.

Follow these wall decor ideas to create a refined space that screams elegance. These simple ideas are easy to implement and won’t cost you a fortune.

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