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CoQ10 Supplements vs Other Options



With the advancement in the field of CoQ10 science and technology, new products are emerging in the market especially when it comes to improving your health. Food nowadays is getting worse with all the preservatives and artificial growth. Due to this, our diet plans often lack the required nutrients and minerals which we tend to consume through these artificial design supplements.

There are some great supplements available that are medically certified by professional physicians and dietitians. But the one that is getting the most popular nowadays is CoQ10 Supplements. If you are here, then you must have heard about it somewhere and if you don’t know what it is then not to worry because we are going to be looking at it in detail.

What is CoQ10?

The very first thing that comes to mind is, what are CoQ10 supplements? If you look at it from a medical perspective, then it called ubiquinone which a coenzyme commonly found in all living things. This coenzyme found mitochondria, which the powerhouse of the cells in our body. The coenzyme acts as a neutralizing antioxidant in the cell which protects the cell from damage and helps in metabolism.

The reason most people begin to consume CoQ10 supplements. The natural production of Q10 in our cells tends to diminish with age and due to certain health conditions as well. Since it important antioxidant required for metabolism and maintenance. The cell thus over time it becomes essential for one to consume it in the form of supplements.

Benefits of CoQ10

When talking about any kind of supplement, the things that you need to consider is its effects on your body. So, the question is, what benefits does CoQ10 supplements promise to offer? Well, to be honest, these supplements have yet not been found to be completely beneficial.

There no research or survey carried out yet to back up the benefits of the supplement. It said that it helps with decreasing your rate of blood pressure. The coenzymes also known for treating muscle pain and liver-related conditions. It is somehow also linked to treating heart failure but again, there no evidence to back it up. So, the benefits of CoQ10 supplements along with its effects on your body are still controversial.

Options Other Than CoQ10 Supplements

Since there are no facts to back up the effects of CoQ10 supplements on your body thus it wouldn’t be safe to use them without contacting your dietitian first. However, there are other supplements in the market that have proven to be beneficial. There are many of them out there but the major competitor of CoQ10 at present seems to be MitoQ.

MitoQ is another major health supplement which seems to be quite popular among health-conscious individuals these days. The thing that makes MitoQ stand out from the other options in the market including CoQ10. instead of supplying Q10 to the bloodstream, it focuses on the affected mitochondria and helps it produce Q10 naturally. Here are a few reasons due to which MitoQ is better than CoQ10.

  • A water-soluble supplement thus gets easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream which increases it bioavailability. Since it gets absorbed in the bloodstream thus reaches out to all cells in the body.
  • Since it targets the mitochondria directly thus has a better rate of being effective as compared to CoQ10 which has a very little absorption rate.
  • It has the ability to rapidly convert into its active form and become effective.
  • There is no need to consume it with food. You can consume it directly based on your requirements.

Final Words

The thing that you need to understand is that, it is not about choosing one supplement over the other. It is about choosing the right one. Everyone’s system works differently thus CoQ10 supplements might work for you and not for the other. But according to the research carried out, the effective rate of other options is much better and faster as compared to CoQ10 supplements. So, make your choice rationally with all the facts in mind.

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