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Co-living PGs Vs Normal PGs In “Queen Of the Deccan”

Co-living PGs Vs Normal PGs In “Queen Of the Deccan”

Deccan queen train Pune, the Queen Of the Deccan, welcomes thousands of migrants looking for better higher education or job opportunities every year. To accommodate the inflow of migrants, PGs in Pune have been rising exponentially in the last couple of years. While some rental accommodations did manage to fit the budget, they gave very basic facilities at best. With the advent of the professionally managed players in the industry, the sector has seen a 360-degree transformation of service and infrastructure quality.

Professionally Managed

This, in turn, has helped the migrants to have an elevated lifestyle and facilities, without pinching the pocket. In fact, with managed accommodation, consumers have been able to bid goodbye to exorbitant security deposits (10+ months of rent in advance) which had become the norm in the city. So, if you are also planning to move to Pune in the coming months and struggling to decide to choose between the traditional PGs and professionally managed co-living spaces, then this article is for you!

Co-living accommodation

Before we start with evaluating who provides better services, let us take you through the fundamental differences between the two facilities. Co-living accommodation is provided by professional operators, who often take huge properties on lease and transform them into fully furnished and affordable accommodations. They are responsible for the end-to-end management of the living experience. Traditional PGs, on the other hand, are run by local landlords, who often live in the same property, and provide basic facilities like electricity, water, etc. to the tenants. These are like home-based businesses – where rooms are let out for rent. There is no focus on operating a product designed around consumer needs.  Before deciding where you are going to spend a significant period of your life. You must evaluate your requirements and flexibility, and compared the two services options accordingly. Here are a few important parameters you shouldn’t ignore:

Credible and affordable

Queen Of the Deccan While Co-living PGs/ managed accommodation is professionally managed, regular PGs might not have the intent or the capacity to manage consumer needs. For eg: Coliving PGs are designed to factor in the privacy and space requirements of consumers. Hence there is a focus on ensuring ample square feet per person. Another common complaint with regular PGs is the landlord’s indifference to resolving consumer concerns. Electricity issues, water shortage, poorly maintained buildings, etc are some of the things tenants have to deal with. Managed accommodation companies like Stanza Living, on the other hand, operate as reliable businesses earning a market reputation for their service offerings.

Deccan queen city

They thus focus on having dedicated teams and solutions to address consumer concerns. From maintenance of the property to cleaning the audience, these private players take the responsibility to provide all the facilities and give a rich living experience. Deccan queen train In some cases, they also provide additional amenities like gymnasiums, entertainment areas, common rooms, etc., at affordable prices. Who would not want to have an in-house gym and the liberty to access it whenever they wish!

Technologically Advanced Queen Of the Deccan

Queen Of the Deccan If you are a tech-savvy person and prefer to do tasks on your fingertips, then traditional PGs might disappoint you.  From collecting rent in cash to in-person information and permission-seeking for leaves or late-ins, there is focus on manual intervention. Co-living players, on the other hand, have made this a seamless exercise.

Deccan Queen First electric Train

They also operate large properties in multiple cities taking the help of technology to manage quality services for residents. For example, the residents at Stanza Living use the resident App wherein they can mark their attendance, get full details of the accommodation package, pay rent, share feedback, and raise any complaints. The Stanza Living teams track these feedbacks and complaints to respond in real-time to any concerns. This way technology also enables customization of services as per need, without much hassle.

Secure as Home Deccan queen!

Deccan queen train In the rush to get a good accommodation in a new city. Migrants often compromise on their security. Thefts of cash, electronics, and in the worst case. Traditional PGs might not have extensive arrangements to monitor security. But co-living spaces like Stanza Living, use new-age security systems to ensure the safety of their residents.

Community Focused

Community building is another key differentiator for co-living accommodations. While you might eventually get to make new friends. They regular PGs function more as just a place to stay than a place to truly live and grow together. Managed co-living spaces have a deep focus on community building. To serve this objective, Co-living spaces host community gatherings and events designed to instill the feeling of belongingness.

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