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Choosing The Best Internet Provider In Australia

When it comes to choosing the best internet provider, the sheer number can make the process overwhelming. Given how important a decision is for most Aussie homes, picking the right home internet deal should not be difficult. In the world we live in today, fast internet is no longer a luxury but an important utility that we use in our homes every day. To help you out with the decision, we have compiled a shortlist of some of the best providers you can consider.


This internet provider has been supplying quality internet to Australians since 1996. Its source of pride is in offering simple, cost-effective plans.  SpinTel offers NBN plans of various speed tiers, such as; NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100. SpinTel’s plans also do not charge pesky setup fees, though you can throw in a modem if you want to get a new one.

The Optus network powers their mobile plans, and on top of the NBN plans, you can get mobile broadband, 4G home wireless broadband, and even 5G home wireless broadband from them.

Tangerine Telecom

Most Australian internet users may not know of Tangerine Telecom compared to the wide array of internet plans out there, but it has always been a go-to for nearly unbeatable plan pricing.

Tangerine Telecom only sells NBN plans, and all of those plans are focused on getting you the best value for your money. This may mean you do not get much in terms of extras, but the no-contract plans with no setup fees offer a lot of flexibility. If you decide you do not want to continue with Tangerine, you can always jump ship anytime you like, though we doubt you are likely to do so.


Telstra is the largest internet provider in Australia. It is the go-to internet supplier for most homes and businesses. Telstra has been supplying internet in Australia for so long, and if you are looking for a provider with a legacy of good service and customer support, they are for you. With Telstra plans, you get to choose from NBN, ADSL, or mobile broadband, depending on what suits your purposes more.

Super Loop

This internet provider is one of the newer ones in the market when it comes to NBN. It stands out from the majority of the NBN crowd due to its robust infrastructure. It is one of the few internet providers with a connection to every NBN Point of Interconnect. Superloop has a range of cable capacity and domestic fiber, which other internet providers have to rent. Their control over their network enables them to provide faster speeds for their users.

Well, there we have it. Those are some excellent internet providers you can consider for your home or business. Still, having difficulty choosing the right plan? Econnex can help you find some home internet deals that may point you in the right direction.

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