There has been a steady and organic rise in the number of foreign startups that have emerged in the Asian market. This steady rise could be maybe accredited to their need to outsource the indigenous solutions.  The involvement of White Star Capitals just makes it more interesting. A company which was the idea of Eric Martineau-Fortin, who’s years of experience in handling and managing mergers, has served them well to ramp up their operations.

Their Eight investors’ lineups allow them to have a great hold in New York, Paris, and London. Investing in three companies in each of the aforementioned cities. In early 2017 they started to seek out the promises from the east. China is one of the most crowded countries in terms of its market made Martineau-Fortin drop them initially. They initially went to Europe before finally getting into the Asian markets.

The unique dynamics and the uniquely diverse working populace struck a chord with them. The number of great schools, staggering amounts of engineers and their uncanny sense of attachment to the product gave them an inspiration to finally build some connections which inevitably led to the opening of their base in Tokyo. They a fairly straightforward policy of the allocation of funds, keeping a meager 10-15% for each fund outside the state of North America and allotting 75-80% which totals approximately $180 million in the year of 2018.

With keeping the three basic questions in mind they ventured into Hong Kong. Its closeness towards mainland China filled with innovative ideas piqued their interests for their North American and European ventures. The trade tensions between their parent countries with China could also not be ignored. Stating Canada’s example, White Star is pretty optimistic about the USA and China being able to solve out their differences.


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