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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Will there a beta access for single player or not?

Every game lover knows that Call of duty Modern Warfare is on the way with its full specifications. There is a root version and 2vs 2 gunfight gameplay feature has declared already. Well, fans are asking will beta access for a single player or not?

PlayStation 4 players could get the Beta access of alpha gunfight mode for three days. It will remain till 25th August for only Playstation 4 users.

As you know, the gunfight gameplay and multiplayer feature recently revealed. However, there are no signs for the single-player campaign. Fans are waiting for the epic return of Captain price, and single-player mode makes it possible.

There are chances that the single-player campaign may be tease before the release. It could be too soon, or just a glimpse of gameplay by bigger games showcase companies.

Reveal at Gamescom
At Gamescom, Gunfight gameplay showcased and still, we missed single-player campaign mode. Therefore we could see captain price soon when the single-player gameplay out.
Reveal at Standalone Conference

The chances to reveal the Gameplay at the standalone conference is not a good idea. However, it is also not suitable for the developers as they announced the title in a trailer.

The gameplay does not show at the standalone conference. So we’re waiting and exciting about that.

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