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Businesses Should Choose a Professional SEO Company

Businesses Should Choose a Professional SEO Company

Almost every web agency nowadays offers SEO as a service. Even smaller SEO Companies are like sand at the sea. They all have the same problem: The Google algorithm is constantly changing and employees with experience and knowledge are in short supply.

Don’t forget that the Search engine optimization is an incredibly extensive area and there is “a little SEO”. If you want to take the matter seriously, you need knowledge of the following areas:

  • Classic marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Branding
  • Web development
  • UX
  • Design

Get SEO Training

There are training courses, but these mainly deal with the basics of search engine optimization. What really matters in the SEO area is experience, because it is important to do the right thing, even if the measures do not show results immediately. In such cases, customers quickly get nervous and get on the wrong track.

The fact is, however, that customers must feel in good hands with a “Professional SEO company” even if the results leave something to be desired (and this will be the case with every SEO campaign). The necessary peace and security can only radiate if you have successfully mastered a large number of projects.

Do not Trust top 100 SEO companies

The SEO market is extremely opaque for customers. And what do you do when the selection is huge and your own background knowledge is manageable? Exactly: Companies logically like to turn to leaderboards. It is also logical that some more or less reputable companies have taken advantage of this and created top lists for SEO Companies.

The big problem here: According to the motto “There will be good reasons”, customers believe that these supposed leaderboards were created by experts who really check the SEO Companies.

Unfortunately, this is not so. The creators of these leaderboards have no authority, so their recommendations are worthless and almost fraudulent. Neither competence nor verifiable success is included in the ranking.

Probably the dirtiest trick ever!

Avoid an SEO agency with secret tricks

Search engine optimization is often sold as rocket science or magic. And yes, the field is certainly complex but (at least for professional SEO consultants) much easier than it seems.

The unpaid search results from Google are an organic online marketing channel. That means you have to earn visibility. If you think about short notice here, you did not understand the game.

Check search engine optimization properly

If you are wondering whether you cannot simply subsequently optimize texts for search engines: Nope. Because the structure, the subtopics covered and the search intent are decisive – and all of this must be analyzed and researched before you even type the first word. To put an end to one of the biggest myths: No, SEO is not “just inserting a few keywords into a text”. That was topical more than 10 years ago. Welcome to 2020!

A strong brand is now the basis for successful search engine optimization. If you look at the latest core updates, the air gets thin for everyone who lives purely from organic traffic.


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