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Best Bingeworthy Christmas Movies Featuring Animals

The opportunity to spend your valuable vacation days cuddled up on the couch with family, indulging in the body-weight value of candy, and watching Christmas movies is just one of the many wonderful things about the holidays.

For animal lovers, there is nothing better than a Christmas movie featuring a host of different furry friends, so if this sounds like a bit of you, you have clicked on the right article.

Continue reading to remind yourself of the best binge-worthy Christmas movies featuring animals.

‘Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure’

Everybody loves dogs, and fewer breeds of dog are larger and cuddlier than St Bernard, making Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure a must-see movie on the Christmas schedule.

Unlike the original movie, Beethoven now has a voice of his own (played by Tom Arnold) and is tasked with saving Christmas with the help of his canine friends.

‘The Snowman and The Snowdog’

Unequivocally, the most famous and equally sentimental animated Christmas movie featuring a trusty canine sidekick is ‘The Snowman & The Snowdog’, which is the sequel to the classic ‘The Snowman’ feature, based on the original characters from Raymond Briggs.

Even though The Snowman and the Snowdog only lasts a total of twenty-four minutes, this short movie is guaranteed to put you in a festive mood, and what is more, it is just as fascinating and enticing for children as it is for adults.

Both animated classics feature haunting musical interludes in addition to stunningly poetic and beautiful illustrations without even a single word of dialogue. It is the perfect festive short when you want to quickly get in the mood.

‘An All-Dogs Christmas Carol’

Next up, imagine for a second that Charles Dicken’s classic Christmas movie is retold, not by Jim Henson’s ‘The Muppets’, but instead by a full cast of animated pooches, which is not only beautifully presented but will turn even the most ardent anti-dog person into an animal lover.

Especially around Christmas, animal shelters and rescue centers usually experience a huge surge in requests for animal adoptions, especially dogs. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you must only take on this responsibility if you are in it for the long haul.

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The ‘Bojack Horseman Christmas Special’

Finally, moving onto the world’s most popular streaming service this Christmas, a groundbreaking, modern festive movie named ‘Bojack Horseman Christmas Special’, which has one species of animal or another in each of the main roles.

Another animated movie, Bojack is full of dry humor and classic British sarcasm and allows for the narrative to unravel between a series of unfortunate coincidences and a clash of present worries and past incidences that come back to haunt the principal characters.

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