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Best 5 Tools for Creating and Publishing Virtual Magazines Online

With the increasing advancement of technology in the modern era, virtual magazines’ popularity is progressive at skyrocketing rates. Consumers are using the popularity of Virtual magazines worldwide as a useful tool for marketing. As a result, there is fierce competition among marketing companies to create virtual magazines to attract customers. Virtual magazines are more meaningful than ever before in terms of brand publishing by the world’s largest companies. One of the reasons marketers use virtual magazines to improve their business is because it builds a deeper relationship between the brand and the customer. So it is essential to use the best virtual magazine software to make magazines attractive to the viewers. Let’s learn about the top five virtual magazine software in the world using these platforms; your virtual magazine can be presented in a more perfect and captivating way.


When you look for an excellent platform for creating or publishing virtual magazines, it’s hard to find the best virtual magazine software than FlipHTML5. Al in all, the FlipHTML5 platform is a great virtual magazine software whose benefits are almost impossible to find its alternative. It has all kinds of features according to the user’s requirements for creating a virtual magazine.

  • FlipHTML5’s fantastic interactivity features and unique design make it unmatched in crating magazines.
  • FlipHTML5 software lets you can quickly and instantly convert PDF files to magazines.
  • You can use video clips, audio clips, background images, and even great templates to make your magazine more accessible and exciting. You also use this virtual magazine software anywhere, any time, even on any device for free.
  • FlipHTML5 has all the fantastic publication feature that allows you to share a variety of social media. You will find a range of alternative services for publishing such as HTML, ZIP, EXE, and even quality service like transform from Email to FTP server.


PubHTML5 is another leading virtual magazine software that you can also use for commercial digital catalog and lookbooks. The features that a user will get from using PubHTML5 software are unique services like downloading, navigating, searching, adding notes, printing mute, and even cropping the audience. With this software, a user can earn money by selling publications and connect with customers in a batter way. You will be able to attract attention by using this software to ensure that your magazine is well-formatted. The PubHTML5 software is always committed to providing maximum user security and a high-quality cloud posting service.


Mobissue is another popular virtual magazine software. With this software, a user can create a responsive flipbook for smartphones with a tremendous HTML5 app experience. Mobissue is mainly a digital magazine software; you will benefit from creating and publishing digital brochures and catalogs. On the other hand, you can add subtle images and soft music to make your magazine more perfect and attractive when you go through Mobissue.


FlipBuilder is one of the virtual magazine software for creating magazines. Through this FlipBuilder software, you will create a readable and interactive virtual magazine from PDF file. This virtual magazine software also provides services such as software catalogs, media-rich books, and even brochures as interactive. The most popular Features of FilpBuilder are that it can publish designated outsourced, provide a lot of templates to make the magazine eye-catching, easily combine image and moving images, and easily navigate the magazine.


AnyFlip is a unique virtual magazine software that windows and mac desktop users use professionally. It heads to more than a hundred fantastic custom features to create an excellent digital magazine. One of the benefits you can get form creating an attractive virtual magazine is attaching any video link, audio link, and interactive animation. This virtual magazine software is top-rated to captivate the audience.

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